Death and Company

From Dark City

Death and Company
Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London, Carnivale, Black Flag) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
Room Type Business

Owned and operated by the People, the middle-of-the-road bar and lounge Death and Company will occasionally have a "Sorry, We're Closed for a Private Event" sign hanging on the door, and there's a back room that admits only the People. It has one of the most extensive raw meat menus in Brooklyn, which has attracted some niche foodie interests, and it's on several popular "must visit" lists for casual dining and potent cocktails.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Settling Old Affairs
The Point of a Cocktail
In relation to the Claimed
Socializing with the People
Snide Comments I Am Comfortable With
Strange Changes
Progress & Drinks
The Company of Wolves
Magic and Books
Needs Must
Welcome To The People
Pink Drink
What You're Looking For
Outside on the Patio During the Moot
Planning a Reverse Jailbreak
Wrap Sheet
Fun Times and Fun Crimes
Magic is Expensive
Catching Up to Go Back to the Red Library
Lessons on Form
You Have a Place
So About the Pure
Blood Talon Party Planners
An Evening At The Bar
Getting Caught Up
Rare Burgers
The Iceglass Magath
We the People
No New Friends
James and Yasmine Compare Notes
I'll Tell You When
A Chance Meeting at Death & Co.
Two Bone Shadows, a Fighter, and a Lawyer Walk Into a Bar
A Gathering at Death & Co.
Touching Base at Death and Company
No Less People
Maddie, Sean and Estrella at Death & Co
Of Weakness And Strength
Keep Your Chin Up
New Day, New Issues
Rivers Of Wisdom
Oh, Just Little Things
The New Normal
An Old, Friendly Ghost
Loaded Fries and Ruined Notes
Oh My Sweet Summer Child
A Familiar Stranger
How to Make Water Explode
Trauma at Death and Co
An Owed Drink
Map to Nowhere
A Gathering Of Meats
Eggs and Company
Spirits and Soup
Interrupting a Study Session
Annemieke meets people at Death and Company
Annemieke meets Diana
What Pretty Words
Celebrating, Or Something
Chaotic Smokey chats at Death and Company
Be the Archer
Educating Em
Warm Sweater & Loose Threads
Follow Your Heart
Young & Old
Stolen Diamonds
Hair Care and Forces of Nature
You Have to Allow Space
A Deal with the God Killer
Make You Proud
Making Great Points
Luck of the Sea Hanging Out
Catch Up Over Steak
Call On Me
She Almost Made Sense
There are Fewer Secrets
Legal chats with Garama
Umm... I'm Back...
Another Sorceress
The Loud One
Short and Sweet
Cassandra & Salim Meet
Some Fire Left in You
A Good Listener
Rather Not Be Packless
Pure Peace Negotiations Breakdown