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Mask: Most of his students say Nightingale is "not scary, but strict and fair, y'know? He doesn't look like he could lift a bowling ball but damn if he won't be the first to catch you sneaking out." Others throw around the word Goth when talking about the mild-mannered choir teacher. Most of his colleagues concur with the assessment: a severe but polite young man, in his thirties, with hazel eyes, dark hair, and a fondness for old-fashioned clothing and the general macabre. An oddball, certainly, but you could find much stranger and much crueler people in NYC. The one truly remarkable thing about him is his voice: a strong, clear tenor with good range, and a New Orleans accent.

Mien: His mien shares a few, glancing similiarities: the dark hair, the severe impression, but the similarities end there. His skin is a discolored grey, his hair is made up of feathers, and his fingers taper off into black, talon-like claws. Most would mistake his tail coat for just that, albeit a shadowy, twitching, possibly-sentient tail coat. In actuality, it seems to be part of his body.

Mantle: His eyes seem hollow now, and glow with the same color of candlelight---the effect is eeriely reminiscent of a jack-o-lantern. There always seems to be a strong fall breeze following him, and with it the smell of decaying leaves, and oddly enough, apples.

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RP Hooks
Nightingale (Anyone): Nightingale is an avid and euthusiastic singer, and outside of his day job as a music teacher can be found busking in the streets, or advertising vocal lessons, or occasionally involved in a comissioned gig.

Ravens in The Library (Changeling): Nightingale's happy to teach you some of the magic he knows, or share some of the histories he's recorded. For a price, of course.

You Won't Find Me (Anyone/Changeling): An old friend of his, Vanessa Beauregarde, went missing five years ago. If you can help him find a lead on what happened to her, he'll owe you quite the favor.

Fly(Anyone): Nightingale is a hobbyist parkour artist. He can sometimes be encountered practicing in various parts of the city. He commonly jokes that it's the closest he'll ever get to flying.

We Don't Need No Education (Education): Nightingale would like to start up an education initiate promoting arts programs in NYC public schools.

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David Nightingale
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HEIGHT: 5'10
BUILD: Runner's build
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Large, painful-looking scars on his shoulder blades
CONCEPT: Music and Magic Teacher
SEEMING: Darkling
KITH: Nightsinger
COURT: Autumn
KEEPER: Xekanius the Archdevil of the Devouring Abyss
  • Mantle: Autumn Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Status: Education Dot-filled.png
  • Enchanting Presence Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png

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Played By: SmallScarecrow