David Ester

From Dark City

David Ester
BurdenThe Abiding
StatusActive NPC


Geist.png The knowledge is there if you're brave enough to seek it out.


A quirky old man with an in depth knowledge of the Underworld. He's often forgetful though and will wander off into the stacks not recalling that you were mid conversation.

Ashen Plot The Geist that stands at the back of Ester's shoulder is otherworldly. Less human and more of a concept of items and pieces. Untold stories. Humanoid only in shape, its body seems to be made of paper and burned ashes at that.

RP Hooks

  • Knowledge - Owner of The Last Chapter, a book store with a private library for the Bound of NYC in the basement. Not everyone is allowed into the room below though. He has to be sure of your character first.
  • Seeking Across the Veil - Some rumors say that Ester was once a Ferryman, but that couldn't possibly be true, could it? Still he does seem to have an in-depth knowledge of the Underworld, not only through the books in his library, but for all the times he's been there and back. Looking for a guide? He's frail, but likely your best bet.
  • Help Wanted - Ester is openly seeking an assistant for the library below and perhaps another for the bookshop upstairs. Is he going into retirement soon?



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