Daryl Sutton

From Dark City

Daryl Sutton
BirthdateApril 23, 1990
SkintoneSun-Tanned complexion.
HairDity Blonde
ConceptThe Friendly Face In The Woods
Played ByDan Haggerty
Player NameSanguine
StatusActive PC


Daryl Sutton, a 33-year-old man, carries himself with a sturdy and robust presence. His portly frame speaks of hard work and a love for hearty meals. With a sun-tanned complexion, his skin bears the gentle glow earned through years of toiling under the Carolina sun. Daryl's broad smile, accompanied by a twinkle in his eyes, radiates warmth and genuine kindness. Deep lines etched his face, telling tales of a life filled with experiences and wisdom. He has a rugged authenticity, embracing a casual style that often finds him dressed in well-worn work overalls or comfortable flannel shirts paired with faded jeans. Daryl's appearance embodies the spirit of a man deeply connected to the land and his community, exuding a sense of resilience, warmth, and a genuine love for the simple pleasures of life.


Daryl Sutton is a man of the land, a farmer and an outdoorsman through and through. He fuels the men and women of Jericho with delicious Carolina barbeque and some rather potent moonshine for those in the know. The Sutton family farm has been there since the first trees were felled in Jericho. Their family 'Estate' as its jokingly called is a rather large yet ramshackle farm, and like the pharaohs of Egypt added pyramids the Sutton have added their own building or rather shacks... With a rather unique ‘quality’ to them scattered around the grounds.

An avid hunter and fisherman, it is not unheard of for him to disappear for weeks and into the mountains living off the land. Maybe he is coming home with a freshly distilled barrel or a hunted animal; in either case, he's got another yarn to tell. Daryl is married to Jericho and determined to make it work. His portly frame, sun-tanned complexion, and broad smile are familiar sights at all local games, town hall meetings, and school bake sales. This love for Jericho and all its warts and wrinkles makes his dislike and grumblings of those "Come Heres" all too commonly voiced in a private company. However, he always shows hospitality and manners, as Mamma Sutton raised him right.

RP Hooks

Lend Me Your Ear - The grumbles of Daryl over the changes in the town and the Mayor are well known. Perhaps you also want to complain or politely nod along to his grumblings.

Meals On Wheels - Being a farmer and hunter, Daryl's always got some produce around, be it freshly cut up from a hunt or taken from the field, and he's always got enough to share. Though, if you're in the know, he's got a bit of shine to wash it down with.

Oh, Hey There - A simple, friendly face in the woods.

Luxidine Truther - Daryl has taken the red pill and is awake to the matrix of lies that the Luxidne Corporations have weaved and the danger those pose to Jericho and its people. If you are Luxidine drones, he will have questions for you, and if you are among those aware of their elaborate deception, join Daryl in his search for the truth.