Daniel Fields

From Dark City

Brother Daniel Fields
Brother Fields.png
BirthdateMay 2, 1982
SkintoneLight Tan
ConceptHellfire Baptist
StatusActive NPC


Brother Fields is the charismatic and vocal preacher of New Grace Southern Baptist Church located in Jericho. By far the largest and most popular of the many churches dotted across the county. Brother Fields is not a native to Grey County, but through sheer force of personality and a burning passion for spreading the word he has endeared himself to the residents and he now is welcomed in the community.

RP Hooks

Welcomed into the Fold: Brother Fields is not from Jericho, but he has worked his way into the inner circles and is treated like a local. However he still seems to have ties beyond Grey County.

A New Revival: There is a fire in Brother Fields belly, and he is looking to spread the good word to as many as he possibly can. He can be found at nearly every major function reaching out to any who will listen.

The End is Near: As an Evangelic and Doomsday Preacher, Brother Fields is always talking about the 'The End Times' and he speaks with such confidence that many are starting to suspect that he might know more than he is letting on.


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