Daniel Bowen

From Dark City

Daniel Bowen
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BirthdateAugust 29, 1995
Height6' 3"
HairDark Brown
ConceptMailman Hunter
Played ByNicholas Hoult
Player NameKelindel
Local GroupsGrey County Coyotes
StatusActive PC


Tall and broad, though not as bulky as one his height might be, Dan has the physique of someone who exercises regularly, but doesn't overtly go to pack on muscle mass. With deep blue eyes and dark brown hair, he presents a friendly enough demeanor, keeping clean shaven and his hair short.


“That Boy is Going Places” was a common phrase heard around Daniel Bowen’s high school in regards to the young football player. He was offered, not full rides, but scholarships nonetheless to the local state college and some others. People thought he was destined for great things. But it was a surprise that he stayed on and joined the Post Office when old Bert retired from the post, taking on his route.

What they didn’t know is that his family home was in danger of foreclosure, his father sick with an illness that he had only told his son about at this point, cancer from the asbestos in the house. That coupled with his sister Jo being the more promising student and they couldn’t afford to send anyone to college if there was no one working, led Dan to give up his dreams and get right to work in the government job so he could try and keep his family together.

So he set to work, delivering mail, quietly helping save for his sister's College, for his dad’s medical expenses, for getting the asbestos out of the house. He managed the latter, eventually accomplished the first, though it put him into debt. Dad’s medical expenses have just been adding to what feels like a sinking ship, but he pushes through. The rest of the family by current days know about Dad’s cancer.

To help supplement their food supplies, money being as tight as it is, Dan began to hunt like his father had taught him. He’d bring in local game, skin it, sell the pelts and cook and preserve the meat

RP Hooks

The Mailman: Dan is -the- town mailman. He walks all over town and is responsible for ensuring that people get their packages and mail. Does your family have a foreclosure notice, get weird mail or anything out of the ordinary? Chances are Dan has seen it.

Hunting: Not just for monsters, but for food and pelts. Perhaps Dan sells excess to you on the side, to help supplement his income, perhaps we are hunting partners, let me know!

Do You Know the Bowens?: A fairly large family in Jericho, as such things go, word has by now gotten out that the family patriarch has cancer.

Former Football Star: Former star Quarterback for the high school team, people thought Dan was going places before he abruptly decided to not go to college and stay home and become a mailman. Were we on the team together? Did your character have strong opinions about him not pursuing college football?


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Radio Chatter and Half a Bottle 2023-06-17 The Coyote Den Colt Murphy, Jamie Murphy, James Evans, Daniel Bowen, Eddie Jenkins, Travis Martinez The cell gets news of strange sightings nearby and a missing cell in the area.