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Daniel Bosch

The Politician:

Pronouns:  He/Him
Age:  33
Height:  5ft 9in
Weight:  155lbs
Build:  Athletic
Concept:  Former Cop/Political Animal
Occupation:  Legislative Aide
Public Effects:  Status (Law & Government): ••
 Tell: Exciting
 Tell: Strong Scent (Sandalwood)
 Striking Looks (Commanding): ••

The Wolf-Blooded:

Deedname:  Slides
Tribe:  Iron Masters
Lodge:  Lodge of the Shield
Pack:  Whiskey Business
  Mystery Cult:  None
Virtue:  Loyal
Vice:  Ambitious

“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule:
Hunt or be hunted.”

— Frank Underwood, House of Cards

Daniel always carries a bit of a feral air to him, his thick hair and beard barely tamed but constantly trimmed and shaped for appearance's sake. He's in good shape and pretty athletic but no body builder or gymnast. His bright green eyes stand out against his warm complexion and dark hair. Overall he possesses a rugged, commanding aesthetic, he could play a grizzled sergeant in a war movie as easily as a general. In addition his presence can be somewhat intoxicating for anyone in close proximity, the sandalwood tones only growing more complex and invigorating with exertion.

Style-wise, he usually wears three-piece suits of obvious quality, but not ostentatiously so. Sometimes he replaces the jacket with a leather coat of black or brown and subbing out the slacks for a pair of simple designer jeans when he wants to appear more down to earth. He cycles through grey, black, and brown suits and coordinates colors in his dress shirts that are pleasant in contrast without being loud. For him, dressing down is a matter rolling up his sleeves and loosening his tie.

Roleplaying Hooks

Former Negotiator:

Daniel Bosch spent 11 years with the NYPD, the latter 6 of those as a negotiator in the Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT), working with the ESU (NYPD's SWAT) extensively. He had a reputation for being able to talk down anyone when he was called in. He's left the force for government work now, but he still gives lectures. Are you current or former NYPD? Maybe you've worked with him before. He's good for a drink and a consultation, and he's happy to keep in touch with old colleagues. His experience has given him extensive insight into people's inner worlds, he can read someone in an instant and is generally able to convince them to cooperate and deescalate violent situations.

Natural leader:

Daniel has a knack for organizing a cohesive team and getting everyone involved to push the bounds of their abilities.

Rising Politician:

Still a legislative aide, Daniel nevertheless has his finger on the pulse of the city's political apparatus. Whatever goals or conflicts you have with government institutions, he is a good man to have in your corner.



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Played by:  Keller