Damned Donations

From Dark City

Note: This plot is intended for the Geist sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Geist and Ghostly Inclined characters.


Ishaan Bawa gives Andrew Hoffman a call about a mother who might have been possessed.

Plot Details So Far

  • Angela Johnson is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center for the second degree murder of her son Frederick Johnson (Age 5), after drowning him in a bathtub.
  • Travis Johnson commits suicide roughly a week after the incident. Reports say he was arguing with someone in his home that night, though no one witnessed who.
  • Upon entering the home, the group found a strange and prevalent ephemeral mold, and the location itself seemed to drain them of their willpower.
  • After using the Memoria, Lucinda Du Pont revealed that the mold originated from a teddy bear, taking over Angela Johnson and causing her to drown her son.
  • While in the home, the mold seemed to have heavy sway over Andrew Hoffman causing him to turn on his group, trying to trap them in the home. It also urged him to eat the mold.
  • While discovering this, Ishaan Bawa touched the mold on Andrew Hoffman's lip and has since contracted it, his hand now dark and moldy itself.
  • During discussions at The Tempest Lounge, the question of the bear was brought up and where it might be now. There are fears it was taken to the hospital before the Freddie died. It was also revealed the September Mace knew of a similar situation a few years ago, where there was also ephemeral mold: in a tenement building for low income housing and foster homes. It seemed to source from the nursery there.
  • Ishaan Bawa has confirmed the ICU unit of the Brooklyn Hospital Center is growing mold. Thankfully, he's in touch with the Hospital Director and has asked it be shut down for mold removal (the story they'll give to the public anyway).
  • Roman Astakhov questioned Angela - teddy bear was acquired from a house in the middle of nowhere after their car broke down
  • A 'loony' thin woman lived in a house that Angela described as not dirty, but unclean.
  • Angela described the bear as 'unclean' and that the woman insisted she take it when her son showed interest - washed it three times when they got home, to no avail
  • She started to get cold symptoms
  • Husband said he was hearing whispers, and changed all the locks in the house cause he believed he was being watched. They thought they just needed a vacation
  • The day she killed her son- she said that it was like Death was calling him and she could deny him.
  • Roman Astakhov got the road she was traveling on, and the direction she walked from the car to the house in the middle of nowhere - she didn't have the address

Get Involved!

  • This plot was delivered via a drop to Andrew Hoffman. They have ultimate say over who to invite to scenes (max 3).

IC Rumors

  • The cast: Angela Johnson (mother), Travis Johnson, a manager with City Council (father), Freddie Johnson, 5 years old (son)
  • The what: Ishaan Bawa contacted Andrew to tell him that he responded to an ER call where Angela had attempted to drown Freddie in the tub. When the cops arrested her, she said 'something came over her.' While it might be your standard crazy, there also might be something spooky going on.
  • The where: Travis is the only remainder at the house in Brooklyn. Angela is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center, and has bail, but Travis has not posted it. Her court date is two weeks from once Freddie's situation can be fully established. Freddie seems to still be in the hospital with possible brain damage.
  • The plan: Andrew has staked out the house in Brooklyn. Travis is still there, but is usually gone for work from 9-5, but has taken a few days off recently due to the trauma and to set affairs in order. Andrew's plan is to look into the house while Travis is away, potentially, or to tag team the situation and have one group interrogate Travis while the others look into the house for any signs of malefic influence.
  • The past: September has confirmed the names of three people that were exposed to the mold as children from a previous tenement: Sophie Page, Isaac Sparse, and Harriet Pinder, all roughly 15-17. Sophie is in jail now for arson, involved in an apartment fire that killed three people. Isaac and Harriet have moved on.
  • Records: Sophie Page is still serving her sentence of 11 years -- Arson and 3 counts of manslaughter. Isaac Sparse committed suicide shortly after he left the tenement building. He jumped from from a 6 story car park and landed in traffic. Harriet Pinder is alive, now 20 is a writer and lives north of New York, alone.
  • Tenement Building History: The tenement building was largely a low income housing unit that also had a foster care system put into place, with a communal nursery. There was a strong history of abuse, violence, and sadly a few cases of crib death and/or neglect towards the younger children there. After enough cases, the place was shut down and quickly demolished there after. Many of the former tenants are either dead or have moved out of state.
  • What happened at the house: During the initial investigation, Andrew, Luci, Marcus, and Claude managed to uncover the tragic past of what went down with the Johnsons, uncovering that it was likely a teddy bear that had brought the mold into the house. During that time, the mold infected Andrew, who attempted to trap the other Bound in the house. Ishaan managed to snap him out of it and then they reconvened. A few nights later, Andrew and Ishaan returned to the house on the premise of getting the infected teddy bear, only to uncover that the mold in the bear had transformed into a material, Cthonic creature. Andrew and Ishaan set the house on fire, but not before noticing that the mold had begun to spread to neighboring plots.
  • Sophie's Testimony: A recording of the relevant parts of her conversation with Horace: "No. This.... this comes from people like you. Harriet was like you. She was sick, always. Touched with death somehow. And everything she touched became sick too. She should never have been allowed in that nursery. She's.... she's cursed or .... there's a demon in her ... or something. She's rotten. From the inside. And it just spreads... it just goes everywhere. At first I couldn't see it, but then one day I woke up and it was all over. The whole building was covered in it. And everyone who got too close just started... killing. Others? Themselves? I felt the urge too. I almost... " It cuts out and ends there.

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Past Scenes / RP Logs

  • Part 1 - The initial investigation into the Johnson Household.
  • A Busy Night At The Tempest - More information on the Twilight mold is gathered.
  • Part 2 - Andrew and Ishaan return to the house and find what's growing in the basement.
  • Part 3 - Horace talks with Sophie Page to get more information.
  • Part 4 - Roman talks with Angela Johnson about the bear.
  • Finale - The group gathers to kill Harriet Pinder.