Creatures Of The Night

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Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Vampire characters.


The Kindred of NYC aren't the only creatures prowling the night with a taste for blood...

Plot Details So Far

IC Rumors

  • From Quinn Martin:
    • Outside of a Pop Up Elysium, two large groups of cats attacked Kindred. This was in front of Mortals -- information control has already been handled.
    • The cats looked like mundane cats until their eyes turned red up close. Cats are able to sense Vitae; exact methods still not understood.
    • One live cat was captured among multiple dead cats; multiple live cats survived.
    • Investigation of the live cat has given us some notions:
      • The cat is a ghoul and has been a ghoul for ~24 years.
      • It is part of a 'strong and noble' bloodline including the other cats who escaped.
      • We've isolated a laboratory in Staten Island, run by a Kindred wearing goggles and a leather apron. Digital render incoming soon. Investigation pending.
    • I understand this is the second attack. I would like to make further investigation into the first attack. Samples from the first case could be similarly inspected for connections.
    • Please contact Quinn Martin and/or update this page with information from the first/bat attack. I'm eager to get eyes on stuff and compare coordinates.
    • We should take note of the animal shelter in Staten Island that was attacked recently.
  • From Johnny Braddock:
    • Dude, they're cats! I like the red eyes personally. Surely we can find a way to make them more useful than dangerous. At least one.
  • From Quinn Martin:
    • Investigation has revealed a 'Ghouled Tree' that has 'fruit' that smells akin to vitae. Cats and bats were found around the tree.
    • An underground bunker revealed a laboratory that seemed to be a collaboration between a Circle of the Crone woman and an Ordo Dracul male. The woman has no legal identity I can find. The man is Thomas Field, who owned a veterinary clinic on Staten Island in 1948. Thomas Field is legally dead, ending that avenue of investigation. The clinic has since been replaced with an office building thirty years ago.
    • An altar to Flora was found, but missing a statue. The statue was removed about five weeks ago by a feminine figure (cannot confirm/deny if it is the Acolyte mentioned above).
    • Psychic and Sympathetic connections were scrubbed clean to remove leads.

The Team So Far

Count Me In


  • Ghouled animals need to be dealt with.
  • The tree needs to be removed/sealed off to prevent further violent and masquerade threats.

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