Corbin Building

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Corbin Building The Corbin Building has a polychrome exterior of brick, brownstone and terracotta featuring rounded arches with terracotta detailing, while its interior vaulted ceilings employ a Guastavino tile system. Structurally, it preceded the use of steel skeletons for skyscrapers, utilizing cast-iron beams and masonry walls that were load-bearing. The Corbin Building sits on a narrow trapezoidal lot with 160 feet (49 m) of frontage on John Street and 20 feet (6.1 m) on Broadway. The Corbin Building was significantly taller than others around at the time it was built.

When you are a new Lost to the Freehold you get brought here. They will feed you give you something to wear and also a place to sleep. One month you got here until you need to decide. The hollow is quite spacey it has several layers and floors. Places to sleep, relax and enjoy the new freedom but also mourn and cry about the new situation. The Couriers will help you to figure everything out.

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