Corbin Building

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Corbin Building
Chronicle New York
Room Type Other

The Corbin Building has a polychrome exterior of brick, brownstone and terracotta featuring rounded arches with terracotta detailing, while its interior vaulted ceilings employ a Guastavino tile system. The thirteenth floor is a Hollow, providing food, a place to rest, shower, and heal. The Winter court provides shelter to newly freed Lost, regardless of their status for 30 days. After which, a Changeling must decide if they'll be joining the Freehold of Neon and Chrome or remaining on their own. Should they decide to stay separate of the Freehold, they'll find their access to the Hollow revoked, though no ill-will comes with this, it's a clear 'you made your choice' statement on the part of the Winter Courtiers. Should the Lost join the Freehold, continued use of the Shelter should be paired with attempts to gain Goodwill with the Winter court in return for their hospitality.