Connor Murphy

From Dark City

Connor Murphy
OccupationThis and That
Deed-NameSix Under
TribeBlood Talons
PackThis is Happening
StatusActive NPC


Auspice-irraka.png “Oh that reminds me of this one time…” Tribe-bloodtalons.png

RP Hooks

  • One Foot in the Grave - Connor has been half dead more times than he has fingers….of which he only has 9. More than one person worries the next time he flirts with death it’s going to stick.
  • Living Loud - Most deception artists will tell you distraction is key, and Connor is prepared to be that distraction. He’ll buy the bar a round, he’ll tell hilarious or heart breaking stories, he’ll make friends and start fights and it’s only much much later that anyone stands a chance at knowing just what these distractions were hiding.
  • The Tracker - For all his antics, sneakiness, and dances with death, Connor is a masterful tracker, and treats the skill as a calling.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Socializing with the People
The Bale Hound's Agenda: Dancing Lunies
Blood Talon Tribal Moot about the Bale Hounds and Pure
Feeding the People