Colt Murphy

From Dark City

Coltan "Colt" Murphy
Colt 1.jpg
BirthdateAugust 15, 1965
SkintoneBattered Tan
HairGreying Black
OccupationHunting Dog Trainer
ConceptBroken Old Hunter
Played ByNick Offerman
Player NameRaddish
Local GroupsGrey County Coyotes
StatusActive PC


A stocky bearded man with a broad shoulders and salt and pepper hair. A strong muscular build of someone who has spent their life doing physical labor is starting to round with age. He stands a few inches under six feet in height and a little over two hundred pounds. His large square hand are weathered and calloused from years of work.

RP Hooks

"I'm fightin' off my demons, but they're not quiet dead.": Colt always loved the bottle, but after what he has been through he can’t seem to keep away from it any more. Its not uncommon to find him nursing a glass at the local bar or needing someone to take him home when the lights go out.

"She's Dancin' in the Sky": Everyone knows that a piece of him died with Addie passed. Colt blamed himself for her death and he tends to her grave almost every day. One day he will find himself resting beside her in that ol’ graveyard, just a matter of what takes him first.

"I'll be a daddy till I die": As the Murphy family finds itself getting smaller and smaller, Colt has a lot less to hold onto. However as long as he has got someone, that old man would bend heaven and earth to make way for his boy. Colt isn't’ going to lose someone else.


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