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Cole is a being of extremes. One moment he's smiling brightly, with the sort of warm confidence and charming laugh that draws people in with ease. The next moment he's all burning rage and destructive intensity. There's very rarely an in-between. Tall and handsome with an athletic build, he otherwise paints the classical picture of a knight in shining armor.


No, he is literally a knight in shining armor, a finely sculpted weapon as well as a piece of art. His skin takes on a golden metallic sheen, with seams at his joints that look like armor plates hooked together. While there is an ever-present glow from within, when angry he radiates heat and flame, the inferno in his core pouring out through the seams, and sometimes even from his mouth and eyes.


When stationary, its as if he were standing under a tree at noon--tiny beams of light dancing over his body. When in motion he leaves a trail of sunlit motes behind him.

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RP Hooks
Get A Problem? (Anyone) - Cole has an anger problem. He's often getting into fights, be it bar brawls or back-alley beatings. He often carries a staff around with him, and clearly knows how to use it. Maybe you've stumbled onto a fight, or been in his way when he snapped? Or worse, you witnessed him committing his favorite pastime: arson.

Muse (Anyone) - Cole is naturally drawn to artists. It's strange--he has a lot of skill but seems more focused on looking at art rather than making it. He loves talking to artists, knowing what inspires and motivates them, and many conversations end with the artists feeling inspired to create.

Not A Biker...? (Anyone) - Cole loves his bike, and rarely is far from it. But despite having a clearly well-cared-for bike and seeming to know how to ride it very well, he answers most questions about bikes with a clueless shrug. Is he a poser or something? Or maybe you can see what his bike really looks like: a giant flaming salamander.

Knight of Wands (Changeling) - Cole is one of The Black Arcana, participating in the battle led by the Queen of Swords. He burnt a way out for others in the Arcana to escape before getting lost in the smoke and chaos and thorns. He's still getting settled into the city but has recently joined the Summer Court. He's on the lookout for people who can help him settle into an Ironside life, or looking to connect with others of the Black Arcana.

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  • "Cole's difficult to describe. He wants you to believe he's a simple, dumb, brute who breaks everything he comes across. And that can be true. You might want to give him a harder look if you buy into that perception so you understand what's really happening there." - Dorian Aria
  • "Sure, we can talk about the violence an' shite, but he is also one of the few people who's honest an' jus' themselves. No bull, that's what I like." - Hamish McGregor

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Cole Soleil
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BUILD: Athletic
CONCEPT: Knight of Flame
SEEMING: Fairest
KITH: Stoneflesh
COURT: Summer (Scarlet Chosen)
KEEPER: The Oracle
MINOR ARCANA: Knight of Wands
  • Mantle: Summer Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Striking Looks: Passionate, Firey, Explosive Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png

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Played By: Fofo