Clem Barton

From Dark City

Clementine "Clem" Barton
BirthdateFebruary 14, 1998
Height5' 3"
OccupationNight Manager of Waffle House
Conceptformer gifted kid-turned-burnout
Played ByGeorgie (soupytime on tik tok)
Player NameJack of Cats
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive PC


Clem is easily overlooked - another bored, burnt-out twenty-something, their grey-blue eyes tired and their blonde hair falling in their face no matter how hard they shove it away again. They favor simple, comfortable clothes - though they spend a lot of time in their work uniform. Rarely seen during the day, they're the kind of pale that doesn't see the sun often.


Born and raised in Jericho, like their father (a miner) and his father (a miner and a soldier) and his father (a miner and a soldier.) A weird, but smart kid, was supposed to graduate top of their high school class in '16. They never walked in their graduation - they disappeared the night before, another victim of the woods (or of Travis Martinez...) But they showed up almost a year later - and they don't talk about it. But no more full ride to Columbia, no more getting out of town.

RP Hooks

Lived a Miner: Maybe you know their family - their daddy was a miner before he died, like his daddy before him.

Lost and gone forever?: How many of those faces on missing persons posters actually come back? Clem has, and even if they don't talk about it, there's plenty of rumours.

Good Food Fast™️: they'll get you a waffle any time of night - but they won't hesitate to fuck you up if you make trouble.



  • Short Term: Buy Travis a drink.
  • Short Term: Cry in front of someone.
  • Long Term: Get the fuck OUT of Jericho, for good.