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Description: Claude is tall & lanky with a smile that can dazzle anyone. He has hazel eyes and he likes to keep his hair short or medium length. He may look thin, but get a look under the hood so-to-speak and you'll see that he is more than just skin and bones. And he has a smile that could charm the skin off a snake.

Personality He is very driven in all things. If he finds a task or a person or a relationship worth his time, he will invest energy and dedication to it. He can seem aloof, but that's just a part of his charm.

When he isn't in one of his offices, or at a bar having a drink, he can be found in his 5th Ave. penthouse apartment that he shares with room mate Yuna Harada.

He is the owner of Salazar Enterprises, one of the top import and export companies on the east coast. He also owns the Salazar Auction House.

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RP Hooks
Black Market:: Claude is the owner and CEO of Salazar Enterprises, Inc. - a well-known import and export company. He also now owns an auction house. To those in the know, this company has a reputation of being able to locate rare and odd artifacts, even if the means aren't exactly on the up and up.

Club Scene: Claude worked as a manager and promoter of a few different clubs over the years. While he has dropped out of that profession over the past couple of years, he still frequents the posh and high society clubs regularly - and you just might find him at a few dive bars from time to time. If the place is happening...then it's likely you will find him there.

Antiquities: Not all of Claude's dealings are of the less-than-legal persuasion. In fact, much of what he does is completely legal. He finds weird, rare shit. He liked things...weird things, rare things, relics...he likes that every piece of jewelry, every old vase...they all have stories. Even if you don't know the story, there is one there.

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Claude Salazar

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AGE: 27
BIRTHDAY: April 18, 1994
DEATHDAY: March 17, 2019
HEIGHT: 6'0"
PUBLIC EFFECTS: Striking Looks 1
Resources 5

BURDEN: The Abiding
ARCHETYPE: The Necropolitans

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The Playlist

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The Geist
Rank: 3

The Heiress: She appears to be a pale young woman in 1930’s/1940’s attire; fashionable dress, fur coat, a decorative fascinator upon her head, and gloves. But you can’t ever quite make out details as she always remains out of focus.

Liminal Aura: Items around him begin to look broken and decayed, as if the ravages of time have set in.

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Played By: GingerJondi