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Category Business Name Location Contact Resources Description
Unspecified The Devil's Respite
Unspecified Allure Stanten Island
Art Red Baron Ink Manhattan 3 Tattoo and piercing parlor
Art The Parasol Gallery Staten Island Rhett Townsend 4 An Elysium for Kindred only to explore macabre arts.
Auction House Salazar Auction House Upper East Side 4 Auction House & Antiquities Dealer
Bar and Lounge Death and Company Brooklyn 3 A casual atmosphere bar, restaurant, and lounge with private back rooms that are People only.
Bar and Lounge The Tempest Lounge Manhattan Akasha Ravi 4 A well-known club for Sin-Eaters and their in-the-know guests.
Bar and Lounge The Queen's Room Queens 3 High end bar and cafe
Bar and Lounge The Hind Bronx NPC 3 A supernatural dive bar.
Book Store The Last Chapter Queens David Ester 3 A small, jammed bookshop run by a helpful old gentleman with a soft spot for ghosts and Bound.
Circus Midnight Circus Bronx Jaskeerat Mamar 1 An amusement park/circus owned by Jaskeerat Mamar
Entertainment Last Rites Manhattan Razvan Costea 1 Last Rites is a newly formed club located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan entertained by go-go dancers, go-go boys, and drag shows. It also has a VIP area for Uratha.
Funeral Home Serenity Funeral Home Manhatten Payton Verhasselt 3 Serenity Funeral Home
Gym and Fight Club Jabtastic Queens Eleanor Mei Brantley 3 Gym and Fight Club
Health & Fitness The Forge Queens Ian Hale 5 A Uratha/Blooded Only Fitness Gym.
Hollow Cest la vie Brooklyn Payton Verhasselt 3 Spring Court Hollow, Restaurant.
Horror Cabinet Cabinet of Horrors Queens Charles Throkmorton 2 Cabinet of Horrors Amusementpark
Hotel and Bar The Iroquois Hotel Manhattan Caroline Banks 5 An Elysium for Kindred and Ghouls on the 13th floor.
Import & Exports Salazar Enterprises Brooklyn 3 Warehouse & Import Brokerage Company
Medicine Khonsu's Botanicals Brooklyn Elspeth Morrow 2 A small plant shop with medicinal properties.
Religion Church of the Good Shepherd Bronx Daniel Graham 1 A sanctified Sanctuary run by Daniel Graham.
Restaurant Blue Moon Grill Pelham Parkway, The Bronx Butch Mitchem 3 Informal Restaurant with a private space for werewolves only
Rock concert venue and bar Saint Lilith Bar Brooklyn 3 Darkly lit bar and music venue on Greenpoint's northern end hosting metal bands & their enthusiasts. Home to several legendary performances. Occasionally rowdy.
Technology Hale Technologies Manhattan Ian Hale 5 A well known technology company in New York City, an 'on the rise' enterprise, much like Apple or Microsoft though not quite to scale. They deal more so in software than gadgets but every week new announcements are being made.
Technology/Non-Profit Gaea's Future TBD [Alexis Carrera] 1 A non-profit organization for bringing technological solutions to communities
Temperance Bar O'DAAT Club Queens 1 Temperance Bar

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