Christopher Paige

From Dark City

Description: An attractive young man appearing perhaps in his mid twenties, tall and lean with long hair typically kept loose. When in public dressed in such a way to avoid garnering any extra attention. Jeans and shirts in muted colors often using hooded jackets and face coverings to try and conceal his face or identity.


Description: The Man in Black is a slim and athletically built male form dressed in a dark colored designer suit, classically tailored and cut in an English style with dress shoes perfectly polished, Where his head should be is instead a black skull.

Liminal Aura: The smell of fresh blood and the taste of copper on your tongue.

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"Garth" Christopher's Bodyguard, Driver and some say best friend. Well documented to have seven kids from an unspecified number of mothers. All of whom are said to believe he is an astronaut.
Abigail Simmons Two people with a surplus of baggage on a collision course spurred on by a reporter, a teenager and a fake astronaut. What could possibly go wrong?

Lucinda Du Pont It's been said that Luci works for him, but the exact details of what that position might entail are somewhat cloudy and often in flux. One day she was supposed to guard his house, The next day she was his bodyguard, Last week she was his social media manager.... It's probably Garth's fault. He was supposed to handle the specifics.
Veda Rivera An odd acquaintance for someone who normally does their best to avoid the press. She has always treated him with a fair amount of sympathy so maybe they are even friends.... Two random meetings away from a mystery bingo prize.

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RP Hooks
Should have learned to play the Guitar
Prior to a couple years ago Christopher was an accomplished studio musician on the verge of breaking out. In the last couple years however he has turned into something of a recluse shunning the public appearances and attempting to avoid being caught in anything larger than small groups of people.
I thought he was dead.
Two years ago during a home invasion his wife (Olivia Paige) and Daughter (Arianna Paige) were murdered during a home invasion by a mentally ill fan who was killed in turn by police to resolve the incident. The story was sensationalized throughout the media and tabloids causing it to gain a life of it's own which has continued to grow and be retold often straying further from the truth with each iteration.
The Haunted House of Armonk NY
A limestone mansion in Armonk New York served as the crime scene for double murder. Since then it's been a frequent stop of tours of true crime sites in New York, popular among a certain kind of person. Rumors have even begun to circulate that the gated estate is haunted, which has only encouraged further victimization and a number of incidents of trespassers and thrill seekers breaking inside. Recently a series of YouTube videos claiming to have been filmed inside the estate have been posted online. Within the videos it seems that any valuables have long since been removed and the interior has been heavily vandalized with graffiti, broken windows and litter suggesting it's been used for at least one unlawful gathering.

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Christopher Paige

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Full Name: Christopher Paige
Occupation: Former Musician turned recluse
Age: Mid Twenties
Burdon: The Vengeful
Archtype: The Undertakers

Public Effects:

Striking Looks ••

Fame •• (Former Musician, Survivor of sensational crime)


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Played By: User:Kimura