Chinelo Obi

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Chinelo ObiIntroduction

"The truth must be quite plain, if one could just clear away the litter."

Chinelo Obi

Sin-Eater - Abiding - Necropolitan - Social Activist


Name: Chinelo Nicole Obi
Age: 18
Height: 4'11
Occupation: Social Media Star
Effects: Presence ••••
Inspiring •••
Social Media Star ••
Striking Looks: Adorkable
Burden: The Abiding
Archetype: Necropolitan
Geist: The Dancing Marionette
Social Media: TikTok: @ChiChiKB

Followers: 6.8M Followers

Twitch: @ChiChi_ChaCha
Followers: 548.5k



Stats: 4"11', riotous dark brown curls, dark green eyes, interracial

Description:Chinelo is characterized by her flare for the bright and colorful in her choice of fashion, favoring cuts that flatter and accentuate curves many of the up-and-coming Instagram models spend hundreds of thousands to replicate. Brilliant smiles accentuated by deep dimples are her weapon of choice, and a phone or media device are never far from her hand.


Description: The Dancing Marionette could have been a most arresting and alluring beauty all her own in life. Those features have been paralyzed with a smile far too wide for elfin features, glazed over eyes weeping eternal tears of sanguine. Hooks and wires twine around her every joint, twisting and pulling withering limbs every which way possible, contorting her into inhuman positions now and then. More often than not, she rests limply against the back of her Bound, too weak to move a body defined by impossible standards of beauty through the ages.



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Social Activist
Heavily involved in social activism and climate awareness, Chi is always supporting a cause she's passionate about or raising awareness on behalf of another.

Speaker for the Dead & the Living
She's known to go through extreme lengths to give a voice to the unheard, dead and alive. Sometimes this has gotten her in trouble. It's how she died in the first place.

The Songbird
Few can match her vocal range, though it's a talent scarcely utilized. Few who've been privileged to hear it know her sound to be mesmerizing as it is hypnotically compelling.



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