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Chester Harrington


The Mask
Pronouns:  He/Him
Apparent Age:  Late 30s
Professions:  Import-Export Business
 Crime Syndicate Boss
Public Effects:  Presence •••••
 Mantle (Autumn): ••••
 Fame (Patron of the Arts) •
 Striking Looks (Imposing): •
 Strength Performance: ••••
 Status (Business): ••
 Status (Arts and Society): •
 Status (Crime-Genovese Family): •••
 Allies (NYPD): •••
The Mien
Seeming:  Ogre
Kith:  Chatelaine
Court:  Autumn
Position:  Ashen Chosen
Motley:  NDR
Needle:  Chess Master
Thread:  Revenge
Cult:  Black Hand of Typhon

“Fear, first my enemy and then my friend. You must make a friend with horror. It must be your ally. Because it is a deadly foe.”
— Wilson Fisk

"If you own a gun, you can rob a bank. If you own a bank, you can rob anyone. ”
— The Black Mask


Since his return to NYC, Chester Harrington has made some ripples in Business, the Arts, and High Society. Acquiring a small import/export company, he has rolled profits into supporting local arts and hobnobbing with the glitterati. More quietly, the underworld figure known as "The BigWig" has put together a small crew of thugs and begun to take over some territory.

Roleplaying Hooks

Business Man

Chester owns a small, but profitable import/export business.

Man of Great Import

Chester is an avid supporter of local arts and mingles with the NY Elite.

Organized Criminal

The "BigWig" has a small but growing crew.


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