Chasing Loyalty

From Dark City

  • ST'd by JJ

Note: This plot is intended for the Changeling sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Changeling and Fae-Touched characters.


After tracking down Victor Groff for his theft of the Nocturne pages, Sun-Wu Renli has discovered he was a Loyalist, using them to kidnap musical students. Groff is dead, killed by Hunters but his associates remain at large.

Plot Details So Far

  • Cole Soleil, Aksel Arkwright, and Revel Black followed Sun-Wu Renli into the hedge in attempts to secure a Loyalist safehouse for the Freehold as well as retrieve some magical items.
  • There were three loyalists present: a Giant with thorny armor, a shadowy sprite with moss, staff, and kukris, and a third (presumably only to be seen by Revel Black and described as an underground 'Goliath' with red eyes.)
  • While only three Loyalists were present, Revel smelled up to 10 different scents going in and out of the cabin within the past 24 hours.
  • Aksel Arkwright and Cole Soleil killed the Giant with thorns.
  • The safehouse was destroyed in a heavy storm that proceeded during a fight between loyalists and the Freehold group.
  • Sun-Wu Renli managed to recover the hidden items (musical sheets) that were stashed within certain trees.
  • The Sprite and Goliath managed to escape.

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