Charlotte Bosewell

From Dark City

Charlotte Bosewell
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BirthdateOctober 3, 1990
Eyesdark brown
Hairdark brown
Conceptthe Compassionate Academic
Played ByKat Graham
Player NameTsuritsa
StatusActive PC


At first glance, Charlotte Bosewell has the appearance of the perfect modern professional - expertly done, if subdued, make-up, neat middle of the road clothes and an inviting smile. Closer inspection reveals shadows under deep brown eyes and the beginning of stress lines at the edge of her mouth, carefully concealed under her foundation. She presents a warm disposition of apparent interest to anyone she talks to but in recent days she has been more distracted, as if she can't quite focus. Charlotte is a small-framed, petite woman of 5'5" who could almost disappear into a crowd if it weren't for her startlingly pretty face. Since coming to Jericho she has stopped straightening her hair, so it falls around her shoulders in curls that tend towards being frizzy some days.


By 1989 the world had grown more accepting of unwed girls coming up pregnant, but no one in Jericho seemed to have gotten that memo. When Patricia Bosewell came up knocked up months before high-school graduation (and by a white boy, no less) her parents assumed she would put the child up for adoption. To the delight of every town gossip, they were wrong. Patricia couldn't quite find the gumption to walk the stage with her class but she finished out most of the year (enough to graduate) before disappearing beyond the town limits in her crumbling Oldsmobile. No one from Jericho would see her for the next eight years.

She'd made it as far as Derry, Indiana before stopping. Patricia spent a little time in a shelter, got on welfare and began looking for a job. A few weeks later she gave birth to a daughter.

The first few years of Charlotte's life were a struggle. Her mother was working every shift she could get at the local gas station as well as the Burger King, while taking classes at a local trade school. They lived in a tiny studio apartment in the worst part of town and couldn't always make the rent on time. But things were not to go on like that forever. Eventually Patricia finished her paralegal's certification, got a better job and moved them into a slightly better apartment. It was around this time that she discovered children's beauty pageants. For several years, Charlotte was put through every pageant that her mother could afford to place her in. The little girl was not fond of them but they filled Patricia with joy. It was on the pageant circuit that she would meet Lily Andrews, the pretty little girl who would be spirited away one afternoon, a simulacra left in her place. Charlotte had been playing with Lily when she was taken, but if she remembers anything about the incident it's only in her nightmares.

Patricia had hoped that her photogenic daughter would go on to have a modeling career - or even be an actress! But it wasn't to be. No matter how much Patricia pushed, she couldn't change Charlotte's bookish nature. The child was far happier in a library than on a stage. By the time she started middle school, Charlotte's mother had accepted that. That was when she discovered Grimm's fairy tales and fell in love. Charlotte became obsessed with folktales, fairytales and mythologies. She and Patricia grew close during this period of Charlotte's life.

Her high school and college years seemed to fly by. After graduation Charlie went to Czechslovakia to work with a small team of researchers studying the impact of folktales on the local culture. She was in Europe when her mother called to tell Charlie that she had been diagnoed with terminal cancer. Charlie came home at once and spent the next year caring for her mother. When Patricia reached a point where every second was agonizing to her, with no relief from her palliative care, Charlie helped her overdose.

The aftermath of her mother's death was a hard time for Charlie. She had withdrawn from a lot of her social and professional circles. Seeking a chance of pace, she took a position as an adjunct professor at IU Bloomington. She had been there for several years and was on track to eventually apply for tenure when she got the next phone call that would change her life. Aunt Evelyn was dying of the same cancer that had killed Patricia.

For the second time in her life, Charlie packed her things and moved in with a relative to nurse her through a final illness.

RP Hooks

Welcome to Town - Charlie isn't from Jericho, but her family is. Patricia disappeared decades ago and some old gossips are still curious. The presnce of her daughter in town is a matter of some interest and has certainly spread around town.

Crazy Aunt Evvie - Evelyn Bosewell has been known as one of the wealthiest residents of Jericho. No one knows where her money comes from (including Charlie). She's known for being eccentric. She collects things like Russian Nesting Dolls and doesn't often leave her home. Now that she is dying she has become fully reclusive. Anything she needs is delivered. People don't even know for certain what that she is sick. Of course, in a small town people will talk and there are plenty of rumors about Evelyn. Anyone looking to solve the mystery might look to get answers from Charlie.

Cabin Fever - Charlie knows she can't just hold up in Aunt Evvie's house, caring for her. She has to get out sometime. She knows she can't take a full-time job under the circumstances. She has a couple of writing projects she's trying to work on. But it's not enough. She's looking for a part-time position doing almost anything just to fill the hours.


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