Charlie Newton

From Dark City

Charlie Newton
BirthdateFebruary 17, 1997
SkintonePatchwork Colors
ConceptFailure at the Finish Line
StatusActive NPC


Charlie Newton, the enigmatic Created, presents a haunting visage with his towering stature, standing at almost seven feet tall, and a weight exceeding three hundred pounds. His massive frame, constructed from different corpses, showcases a patchwork of skin stitched together. The amalgamation of bodies manifests in Charlie's flesh, a mosaic of colors that hints at the diverse origins of the parts comprising him. Large holes and gaps mar his face and body, offering glimpses into the internal workings of this extraordinary being, a testament to the unconventional means of his creation.

Drab-colored, baggy clothes hang loosely on Charlie, contributing to his overall disheveled appearance. The oversized garments conceal the intricacies of his stitched-together form, creating an air of mystery around this Frankensteinian giant. Despite the unsettling nature of his physicality, Charlie Newton bears the weight of his existence with an eerie stoicism, a silent sentinel embodying the amalgamation of life within the Carnivale.

RP Hooks

The Luminous Core: For those that had seen it, Charlies Azoth was a beacon to all around. He bore so much Divine Fire he would regularly need to keep his Azoth doused for weeks at a time. He had been traveling with the Carnivale for half a decade already, but they say he bore nearly this much fire before Virigina ever found him. How did being this close to this much Azoth make you feel? Do you admire or revile Charlie?

The Elusive Transmutation: Charlie Newton, driven by an intense desire for self-discovery, walked the road towards the New Dawn. He was the greatest among all of the Carnivale and all where sure that he would be reborn in Mortal flesh. However, the day came and when he walked to the top of the Mesa he was weighed, measured, and found wanting. How did you feel when Charlie failed to reach The New Dawn? Are you discouraged to continue your own Pilgrimage or were you inspired to try even harder?

Vanishing Echoes: After a failed attempt to reach the New Dawn, Charlie Newton mysteriously disappears from Carnivale, leaving behind a horrific Wasteland behind. The Storm that hangs over the city threatens to burst for a Firestorm like one not seen in a decade, if the city itself doesn't rise up all at once to kill all the Created that they can find. How are you dealing with the Firestorm that rages? Where do you think Charlie might have gone? Do you think the Carnivale should look for him or let him go?


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