Charlie's Hollow

From Dark City

Charlie's Hollow
Chronicle Jericho
Owner Henley
Room Type Other

The Hollow smells of sweet earth, it's a strange mixture of an underground bunker meeting a cave. Parts of the walls are metal with various racks and hooks for the former owner's tools to hang on, while other parts are rock or dirt facing with built in wooden shelves lined with plants. A little stove hangs out in the corner and along another wall, a series of bottles with faded labels, some containing powders, others liquids, others had dried completely or contained herbs that didn't seem as if they'd come from earth.

More 'tunnels' led further back suggesting rooms he was slowly adding on to. Ones they could take over and continue with if they desired. One cove houses a bedroom, another a tiny den like space with a large chair for a man that was surely over 6' tall. The space is large enough one spot could easily fit two or three.


Easy Access (•••): The Hollow has no permanent entrance. Instead, the character can access it by spending a single Glamour. This usually takes the form of a particular whistle or knock, but it works on any unlocked door in the mundane world. A changeling exits her Hollow at the same location she entered from.

Luxury Goods (•): A variety of mundane supplies and Hedgespun treats fills the Hollow, which allows a changeling to hold out for the long haul. Few modern conveniences work in the Hedge, but it’s not uncommon to find crystalline televisions that play unaired, unrecorded episodes of canceled TV shows, or jukeboxes that play music only the changeling can hear, or iceboxes overfull of off-brand colas that never saw the light of day. Whatever the case, once per chapter the player may roll her Hollow rating as a dice pool. Success allows the changeling to have one mundane or Hedgespun item on hand in her Hollow, with an Availability or dot rating equal to or less than the rolled successes. This item lasts for a scene before sublimating back into the Hollow’s latent Glamour. These items have minor oddities, like the jukebox that plays only for the changeling’s ears. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of what constitutes a minor oddity.