Charles Camus

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His Story
 Charles Camus (pronounced Ka-moo) was born in Québec, Canada as Sirius Beaufort and immigrated to New York City at a young age. When he came of age, he joined the NYPD to protect the innocent. After nine years of service, he became disillusioned with the American justice system and began to act more and more inpendently. Against the wishes of his chief, he single-handedly raided a drug den with connections to a mysterious corporation known as the Moreau Foundation. It was then when he was completly ravaged by some unknowable force of nature. His body was recovered by the Moreau Foundation and transformed into what he is today. Forced to work for the Moreau Foundation as a corporate enforcer under pain of agonizing death, Camus was eventually liberated by a rouge Moreau handler. After a time, a restless Camus returned to a life of vigilante justice, becoming something of a legend amongst the Lost Boys. Along side his cohort, a Lost Boy named Oracle, Camus looks to protect the disenfranchised citizens of New York while searching the thing that ruined his life to begin with.

His Personality

 Camus is a cordial man, a bit rough around the edges but he trys to be warm. Camus believes one thing, "justice previals over all". All of that said, Camus is a vindictive person. If you slight him or loved ones, you will feel his wrath.

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RP Hooks
Crime Fighting
  Camus is always on the hunt for criminals to bring to justice. If you have information on a crime, bring it to Camus, he'll actually do something about.


  As of late, Camus has been doing some research into the darker parts of the world. Unfortunately, Camus is not the most book smart researcher. He mostly relies on what little informatation the Lost Boy network is able to procure.

Family Man

  When he isn't searching for justice, Camus is out with his wife or going to one of his daughter's social fuctions. Of course, neither of them know this. Camus will be found, watching from afar to maintain his new identity and their safety.

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Charles Camus

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Date of Birth: March 15rd, 1989

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 384

Nationality: Canadian-American

Languages: English, French

Occupation: Vigilante

Played By: Star

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Played By: Star★