Character Creation

From Dark City


Please open a ticket with the venue you wish to create a character in before you begin to build to discuss your character concept with the ST.


  • Chronicles of Darkness Second Edition core rules + 112 xp.
  • Check out the Game Rules here to make sure you know how your sheet is going to work in play.
  • Civil Society Status cannot be higher than 2 at start.
  • We do not allow Professional Training on characters.
  • All players may have 1 custom item per PC. (Rite, Fetish, Devotion, Tell, etc..)
    • No Custom Merits
  • Attributes at 1 are at the ST's discretion. This is an XP rich environment, and it will be a rare case, that is essential to concept, for an attribute to be sanctioned at 1. In those instances, it will never be more than a single attribute.
  • ST Hooks: A new feature rather than Aspirations. Tell the STs what scenarios you'd like to be involved in.


  • Bullet points are fine; please just give staff enough to work with on crafting stories.
  • Please explain your Civil Society status as requested in each group's 'Joining' section. (Usually it's 'what I do, what I did to get here, and where I want to be'.)
  • Look at Mystery Cults Information here.
  • You may be a newcomer or a longtime resident.
  • Want ties to NPCs? Talk to staff! This is encouraged.

Capped Concepts



  • Make sure you used the symbols specified in the help tab of your sheet
  • Check the math on the sheet. Check it again.
    • 2.0 has flat costs.
  • Check Willpower, Defense, Harmony, Speed, Health, and other derived traits.
  • Equipment must follow our posted guidelines and the rules in the 2.0 rulebooks.
    • Review mundane equipment.
    • All custom mundane items must be reviewed. Use the custom item guide for prelim review.
  • Please add the full write up from the PDFs in the notes section of your character sheet boxes for merits, gifts, disciplines, haunts, rites, ceremonies, coils, etc..
    • To find the note's section, right click the box in question and go to 'Insert Notes'.
    • The FULL write up, from the title to the very end, including the prerequisites and costs.


  • Please make a wiki, they are mandatory for final approval! Use the Character Page Generator to create your page.
  • Must have:
    • Name (whatever name or names other characters will call them).
    • Please make sure you didn't copy the template from the NPC page.
    • Easily noticed Public Effects.
    • 3 RP Hooks. They don't have to be much, but they should be SOMETHING for other players to say 'ahha, we can RP together because you sometimes hang out at Bob's Bar/you're from New York and I was once there'
    • All of the additional information required from your Sphere.
  • Make your tracker page using the Tracker template.
  • If you've gotten this far, please open your ticket with a Christopher Walken gif or video (This is Not a Joke). Thank you.