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The Leaden Mirror, the Ashen Court, the Court of Fear

Fear is an overwhelming emotion that moves through a body kinetically, hot and cold and enlivening and dampening all at once. To suggest that the members of the Autumn Court are without fear would be both factually inaccurate and missing the point; they use it. Autumn Courtiers learn from it, Fear is something that is rooted in all of us something that comes by instinct and Autumn just gives us that emotion the process of dying. Fear is not always easy to harvest but the Autumn court tried to focus on creating situations that makes it easier.

Life within the Lead Mirror is a powerful mixture of occult wisdom and fear. So it is with the leadership of the Cinder Court, and many monarchs tend to fall back on one of the few tried and tested structures that have always worked well for Changelings of their season. Even when they rule openly, an Autumn Regent must maintain a certain level of secrecy, and even when they are known to be kind and generous, they are forced to adopt certain practices that give her subjects - not to mention those of the other courts - pause for a moment and cause them to wonder what kind of malice hides her gentle demeanour. The Autumn Court has a range of different means to rule, from fear to wisdom and the New York Court revels in the Throne of Wisdom. A court ruled by an experienced wizard is usually characterised by great pomp and ceremony and rituals of metaphysical significance, whether real or invented to entertain the other fae or just to keep them guessing.

Initiation into the Court of Ashen is not difficult, an oath of sincere loyalty is enough to be accepted as long as the core of fear lurks in the soul of the changeling, he will feel the magic of the Court take over. But the higher one rises in the rank the more one has to surrender to fear, one becomes one with it and fear is one with the identity of the changeling. It is easier for those who seek an alliance with the court. But the court will then demand a test from a certain status.

Like the other three seasonal courts, the Court of Fear confers many different titles on its members, and not just for the purpose of eligibility. Some are purely measures of value and indicators of responsibility within the court and rarely outside the court as well.

Some titles in the Autumn Court are always tied to the mantle. There is an exception for Fae Touched.


  • Objection: The Autumn Court are the justice system of the Freehold, and many carry those titles Ironside.
  • Shadows: The Ashen Court knows mercurial faces of the night. It is often these occultists that reach out to other supernatural creatures in an effort to learn or further the safety of the Freehold.

Autumn Oath

The Autumn Oath is made at the base of the Great Observatory, a speech towards the heavens. One must take a leaf from the tree and offer it aloft, where it will be born up among its barren branches, to fall only at betrayal.

I pledge my heart and loyalty to the Court of Autumn, and will honor its patronage by devoting my life to upholding its ideals to the best of my ability.

Benefit: Once per Chapter, you make invoke a Contract without paying its Glamour cost even if you do not fulfil the Loophole.
Consequence: A -3 penalty to all Contract rolls during the Season of Autumn.

Autumn Titles

Twilit Page

While the title of Twilit Page is a humble one, the task to which such a changeling is appointed is a significant. A Freehold’s Twilit Page is responsible for overseeing aspirants to the Autumn Court, as well as new members. The job encompasses elements of educator, nanny, bodyguard, and other similar functions, as the Page instructs his charges in the lore of the Ashen Court, the dangers of changeling life, and other important information. Twilit Page most often possesses high levels of Empathy, Socialize and Investigation, although Subterfuge, Persuasion and Intimidation are also useful skills.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Presence 2+, Socialize 2+, Occult 1+, Weaponry or Brawl 1+, Politics 1+
Position Holder:

Paladin of Shadows

This title is bestowed upon one who champions the cause of the Leaden Mirror through force of arms, defending the Autumn Court during its season of ascendancy and bearing fear upon the edge of a naked blade at all times. Paladins are so called because they typically stand as the mailed fist of an Autumn King, serving the will of the Ashen Court and acting as its instrument in time of battle. Further, a Paladin often acts as a direct bodyguard to the Autumn monarch, protecting as much by menacing presence as by martial skill.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Brawl or Weaponry 3+, Fighting Style Merits 1+, Air of Menace.
Position Holder:

Ranger of the Thorns

This changeling is charged with exploration of the mysteries of the local Hedge and, often, with acting as a guide to those less knowledgeable in its nuances. These Lost may be harvesters of goblin fruit and other oddments, hunters of hobgoblins and other Hedge-beasts, and finders of Hollows. Some of these fae actually live in the Hedge, coming out only as necessary to serve the Freehold and to preserve their Clarity

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Intelligence 3+, Survival 3+, Occult 2+
Position Holder:


The Scrivener tends tomes, scrolls, and other writings that sometimes stretch back for centuries. In modern times, some Scriveners make use of more contemporary media, such as audio or even visual recordings, but many still seem to prefer the feel of a quill in hand, and its soft scratching over parchment or vellum. As a matter of course, these changelings keep records pertaining to all matters of interest to the Leaden Mirror, including the activities of the other three seasonal courts, the courtless, mortals, Hedge-beasts, and even the Gentry and other supernatural beings when the information is available.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Intelligence 3+, Academics 3+, Occult 2+, Streetwise 3+
Position Holder:


The Ghûl acts as an assassin and, sometimes, executioner for the Courts. The title is believed to have its origins in the practice of devouring the flesh and even the bones of those slain. In modern times, the Ghûl is only used against the most heinous of criminals among the Lost.

  • This can not be taken by PCs.

Position Holder:


Witch/Warlock is a counsellor on all matters occult, known to be proficient in many different sorcerous practices and possessed of dark and terrible knowledge. Needless to say, the bearer of this title is often an object of dread within the Freehold, avoided by many and sought out only in time of need by most.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can not be taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle •••, Intelligence 4+, Academics 4+, Occult 4+, Science 2+
Position Holder:

Ashen Notary

Pledges are among the most powerful and potentially lasting of changeling magics — promises so deep that they can echo down through the generations and radically impact the life of a freehold. In some freeholds, a changeling of the Leaden Mirror is sometimes entrusted to oversee and sometimes to record particularly grandiose vows (a pledge with one or more factors rated as “greater”) sworn throughout the year. The Ashen Notary is almost always a trusted and highly respected Autumn courtier. Of course, in practice, many Lost choose not to employ the Notary’s services —especially for pledges that would not be approved by, or even oppose, the present Ashen monarch — but a failure to do so is often considered inauspicious in a freehold that employs one.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can not be taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle ••••, Presence 3+, Manipulation 3+, Intelligence 3+, Wits 3+, Academics 3+, Socialize 3+, Persuasion 2+, Academics 2+
Position Holder:

Dread Esquire

This title is extended to cherished allies of the Leaden Mirror and is intended to demonstrate the Ashen Court’s esteem for the individual in question. This title is not lightly given. It shows that the changeling upon whom it is bestowed enjoys the friendship and perhaps even the protection of the freehold’s Autumn fae so is often considered inauspicious in a freehold that employs one.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This position can be taken by a Fae-Touched.

'Requirements: Autumn Goodwill •••
Position Holder:

Autumn Roles


Fear, suspicion, and uncertainty abound in the world of the Lost: of the Gentry, of the loss of self, of the loss of Clarity. Some Autumn courtiers are well-suited to act as counsellors to those gripped by such powerful and fundamental fears, helping them to work through these feelings in constructive ways that fortify resolve and strengthen the spirit.
Position Holder:


Whether the cackling old madman on the edge of the swamp or the elegant sorceress gliding across the marble floor of the Winter King’s ballroom, changelings of the Leaden Mirror do well as advisors to others, bartering their knowledge for a price. In keeping with the dictates of their season, most Autumn courtiers who act in a capacity as viziers offer their counsel in a roundabout fashion, using allegory and symbolism, so as to best preserve mystery and invite exploration of the unknown.
Position Holder:


The seer deals with the future, rather than observations upon the past and present. Of course, the Autumn Court has its fair share of charlatans skilled in the art of speaking much about times to come while saying little so that hindsight makes everything appear to make sense. Still, some few fae of the Leaden Mirror do possess more genuine divinatory powers and are willing to offer their insights to others.
Position Holder:


In the pursuit of the unknown, some Autumn changelings seek out the mysteries of the Hedge and even the Thorns. Those that survive the experience and return with lore and artefacts that benefit the freehold sometimes acquire reputations as knowledgeable authorities on that strange realm and are eventually sought out by those wishing to traverse the Hedge or otherwise, reap its bounty.
Position Holder:


Despite the dangers inherent in the Hedge, the lure of its unearthly flora keeps calling the Lost back into its perilous embrace. Distinct from hedge guides, who lead others through the Briars and sometimes come back with goblin fruits and other such trifles, hedge-farmers are actively committed to the cultivation and harvest of such strange delicacies and verdant oddities.
Position Holder:


Autumn is the dying season, when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the harvest is mercilessly reaped. Death is, in many ways, the ultimate unknown, the greatest source of fear. Thus, it is unsurprising that some Autumn courtiers take upon themselves responsibility for the dead. Some go so far as to interact with ghosts and other such restless dead, seeing this also as part of the court’s mandate to embrace and assimilate fear and uncertainty.
Position Holder:


Magic is the province of the Autumn Court and some fae within it practice the arcane arts with great proficiency. Years of delving into forbidden lore can make an Ashen fae wise in many dark and potent magics.
Position Holder: Augustus Redleaf


Autumn is the season of harvest, a time when that which has ripened is plucked from the earth and stored for lean times. Ashen courtiers may instead reap other assets to be stockpiled and distributed by the Freehold: cars or clothes, money or groceries, and perhaps even the trappings necessary to create and maintain new lives.
Position Holder:


Cabinet of Horrors
Great Observatory


The members of the Autumn Court in New York City.

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