From Dark City


Even in war, there are indispensable things that cannot or should not be discarded. And one of them is festivals and rituals. The evens, solstices, equinoxes - all of these are important to honour the seasons.

In the New York Freehold, people like to celebrate with thematic masks or costume parties, which is an old custom that has been carried over from the European continent. Be it the masked balls of the Venetians or the carnivals of the Dutch and Germans.


Ostara Ostara is the festival when the goddess of the dawn "Ostara" enters the winter and thaws the snow and ice.

The Freehold spreads primroses, peppermint and willow branches everywhere to bring spring and sunshine into the buildings. To protect the seeds, whether for goblin fruit or regular food, candles are planted in the ground and lit to bring the light of the sun and drive away from the shadows. Huge fires are lit in honour of Ostara and people gather around the fire and drink to the early spring.

Litha The Courts strive to build a huge fire in the middle of Bannerman Castle for 6 days. On the longest day of the year, people dance around the fire and brave people jump over the fires. Bundles are folded and each guest throws them into the fire. Patterns and circles are made from twigs and other natural materials. The participants think about what they want to leave behind in their lives. The collected materials mix more and more with each circle to form a colourful pattern. In the end, everything is tied up with a hemp rope into a small package and put into the fire.

Marbon The feast of death and rebirth. The animals of the forest and the hedge are honoured. Animals are slaughtered for food and the best fruits and yields of the harvest are sacrificed by burning them in a great fire.

All the dead are honoured and all newborns are initiated into the community. Seeds are planted so that no matter what happens, new things will blossom in the spring.

Jul Yule is an ancient custom that has been handed down since the sixth or seventh century. As this festival takes place in winter, some of the activities are very much adapted to winter in Central and Northern Europe with its dense forests and lots of snow. Straw is laid on the floor of all the Freehold houses and straw is also laid in every bed in the Corbin house. Warm wine with spices is drunk and poured so that no one has to freeze on the day. Wood is cut and made to slow-burning fires, and in addition to the wine, only the Yule log or the straw is allowed to provide warmth.

The Freehold organises an exchange of gifts. Each member of the Freehold chooses a partner one month before July and then has to bring his secret partner a gift that is tailored to him - it must never be negative - to forge a bond for the next year.


NYC Pride March It is Springs biggest event every year Payton Verhasselt is a very strong person in the LGBTQA+ community and so she made sure that this fest of joy is the biggest show in all New York City.

The Village Halloween Parade Even though this was not scary at all but the master puppeteer Ralph Lee was an autumn changeling and so it is one of the biggest events since Charles Throkmorton makes sure to honour his colleague.

St. Patrick’s Day Spring is always looking for a nice celebration and so this is also an event that the freehold celebrates. Nobody can not wear green it is mandatorily for that day.

LuminoCity Festival Technically this whole event is not a Changeling event but each year the Lost meet on a dark night and walk through the park to enjoy the darkness and the lights on that night the park is closed for others and only *special people* can meet at that day.