From Dark City


New York had so many people and so many different things that the demand for markets is greater than anywhere else. There is the regular Goblin Market La Cornucopia that any of the Changelings can visit and is like most markets in other cities. The market had its opening times at regular intervals. But every now and then on different days, so you can't be sure when it was open.

Once a year, the Weihnachtsmarkt opens its doors. The Winter Court holds it and it always runs from 6 December to 6 January. Where you can sell and buy almost anything without the influence of the Goblins.

Besides the Goblin Market, there was also... The market of the privateers The Crow Sea Medina, this market was open for everyone once a year. However, it was a big risk to go there because none of the people roaming around at the Crow are not nice and friendly and everyone will try to rip you off more than the other. They would even sell their grandma or own child. So take this at risk.

La Cornucopia

You slip through a crack in a wall of an old red-bricked house this was a former warehouse and a graffiti artist did paint a memorial to remember sadder times that shall not happen again. You walk along with the trod. And there you are at the La Cornucopia, the market holds in regularity but every time it is a different day and a different time so that they could not get tracked that easily. The Hedge around here was interesting The roof of the bricked warehouse broke away and the house was swallowed by the greenery of the hedge. In the middle, a big tree grew and the stands are in tiny thatched huts that belonged to a hobgoblin vendor each. The market and the huts are connected through a series of rope ladders, bridges, vines, and catwalks.

Of course, the La Cornucopia had laws and they will make you obey the laws. "NO VIOLENCE!" "ALL DEALS ARE FINAL!"


The Christmas Market is the annual event of the Winter Court. It takes place every year from 6 December to 6 January. In Bannerman Castle, where it always snows in winter, it is the perfect temperature for a winter wonderland. Snow lies in gentle hills around the Winter Village. And lots of little shacks covered with glowing lights and snow. Very very cute at first sight. Apart from the fact that this was a hollow, you could have thought you were really at a German Christmas market. There were delicious treats made from goblin fruit to eat or drink. And of course, the Winter Court sells their goods. Be it favours, information or things that were normally not available. Or were cashed in.

The Crow Sea Medina

"The Crow Sea Medina" is the name of the Privateers Market. His owner is the Crow. A very nasty person even if he would have been no Privateer. The Medina can only be accessed via the Hedge. It is right on the line between New York and New Jersey. The clue was the Mediana is a steel-hulled five-masted fully rigged tall ship with 439 ft (134.8 m) length and 42 sails that measure 5,202 square metres (55,990 sq ft) of sail. It was white to everyone's surprise and his Anker was thrown out at the Robbins Reef Light Station a sparkplug lighthouse.

If you can't fly or swim or have a way to cross the water in the hedge you will get swallowed by water or eaten by "Dark Rays" or some other hedge dangers. And if you finally stepped on the hard ground you need to be wary this was one of the worst places you can be. Huntsmen roam around, Slavers and Loyalists. But this was the only place that someone that didn't get touched by the wyrd could trade. And only on the 19th of October every year. You need to enter on that day and leave! And the biggest rule was: THERE ARE NO RULES EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED!