Local Hedge

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The Hedge

"In the city that never sleeps, nothing is only a dream or a nightmare."

Hedge Locations

The Garden of Truth

There is a rumour that when you start from Manhatten and walk 1 hour to the east you find the Garden of Truth. A Sunflower Maze with different types of Sunflowers with an average of 6-8 feet tall. Apparently when someone can manage to go through the Maze they can find one Truth.

Hedge Anomalies

The Hedge of New York City is different from most Hedges alone due to the fact of being an Urban Hedge but that yet alone is not that rare. There are some other big cities out there that have the same phenomenon. But one thing that is vastly different is the fact that the Hedge evolves, the local Changelings believe it is due to the urbanity that mashes with the Wyrd and the Hedge then produces anomalies or other things that are dangerous to visitors and denizens alike.

  • Electric Storms

An anomalous formation about 10m/yd in diameter that accumulates static electricity in large quantities. When triggered, the anomaly bursts into dozens of miniature thunderstorms, causing electrical shocks that are almost always fatal to all living creatures.

  • Merry-Go-Round

Throws its victims into the air and spins them around. Victims who come into contact with the edge - far from the most effective zone in the centre - can escape the vortex with lighter injuries.

Hedge Denizens

  • Will-o'-wisps

Description: A Will-o'-wisp is the spirit of the dead who has sunk in a bog or swamp. But a Will-o'-wisp in the Hedge is not that different. They died a little bit outside of the Urban Hedge in the swamp areas of New York and travel to the City to lure unprepared travellers from the safe trods into the thorns with their seemingly aimless movements and their sometimes iridescent glow. Sometimes imitating something or someone familiar to the traveller.

Will-o'-wisp should not be confused with Pixies.

  • Pixies

Description: Small flying Hobgoblins, probably named as the English creatures from the folklore because they resemble them somewhat with their transparent little wings.

But that's the only thing that reminds you of the nice dancing creatures. These Pixies had horrible faces with pointed teeth, the swarms of them flying through the thorns and hedges while imitating Will-o'-Wisp by emitting colours. When they have found their victim, they imitate their victim's emotion in the colour of the present mood and pounce on it, trying to feast on it.`

  • Dark Rays

Description: Are one of the dangers you could encounter. You could easily become a victim of the triangular ray that glided gently through the water and had an eight-metre span. Its huge teeth swung like moving jaws in front of its gurgling maw. Surrounded by three red watery eyes. Around him, the water swirled in demonic currents. Cities on the seabed he hurls underwater floods and whirlpools. And anyone who tries to save himself on the surface is killed by the maelstroms he draws in circles around his victims.

Hedge Fruits

Autumn or markets

  • Jack's Smile - Oddment

These interesting gourds are grown in massive size during Autumn in the Hedge, with a thick black and violet exterior and a twisted black stem. When carved and worn, these gourds offer:

+2 intimidation but -1 empathy for 24 hours.

  • Purgatory Lantern - Oddment

Small and lumpy roots of dull orange colour, these subterranean oddments give off a faint odour that reminds one of smoky air. When carefully hollowed out and candlelit within:

it provides a source of unextinguishable light for 24 hours.

  • Slumberfruit - Goblinfruit

Round and inviting, these bright neon green fruits are easily plucked from trees within the Hedge during Autumn, this delicious, rotund fruit looks so tempting. Consuming this fruit leads to a deep slumber full of strange dreams.

+1 plot hint/tie in, but inflicts Insane tilt upon waking up.

  • Ruby Gems - Goblinfruit

A thick casing of dark red holds the treasure of the Ruby Gems within. When cracked open, a small crystalline fruit pops out; when bitten into, it bursts into sweet juice. Eating this fruit gives you vitality, but weakens your prowess.

Temporary +1 stamina, -1 strength for one scene.

  • Bleeding Hat - Goblinfruit

Growing out of the ground in a thick and gnarled stem, these navy blue mushrooms sprout up all over the Hedge. When picked, a thick red ichor oozes from the caps.

When you eat one it heals 2 lethal once, but inflicts the Sick tilt for 24 hours after consumption. Take 2L when eating another one of the Bleeding Hats within a 1 week period.

  • Burstberry - Goblinfruit

Small deep orange berries grown with the most delicate of skins. If you squeeze them in any capacity, they burst and stain your fingers for a week!

+1 to one occult or investigation roll, but inflicts the Spooked tilt.

Non Seasonal

  • Medusa's Hair - Goblinfruit

While there are rumours of entire fields of Medusa's Hair in the thorns, it is still relatively rare due to the difficulty in harvesting it. The "edible" portion, which resembles a ball of sickly green yarn, grows underground and is protected by its aggressive, grasping, poisonous vines above. When eaten, the consumer sprouts a tangle of writhing, snake-like tentacles from their head.

For the remainder of the scene, these vicious appendages give the user the equivalent of the Lethal Mein merit. Furthermore, the changeling may impose the Poisoned (moderate) tilt on anyone upon whom they make a successful brawl attack. At the end of the scene, the tentacles die and begin to decompose. This causes the user to suffer a -1 penalty to any social roll for an entire day. At any time, the user can choose to sever the tentacles with any sharp implement, and negate the social penalty, but this does inflict 1 point of lethal damage.