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Important Locations

No matter if Iron side or in the Hedge, New York City is a dangerous place and so there are areas that should be avoided at all costs.

This page deals with those dangers.

Staten Island

This is not a place for the Lost of the NYC Freehold, or any other Changeling. Although Fae-Touched are more likely to found there, it is still a rarity due to the dangers of the location.

Put briefly, Staten Island is Loyalist and Privateer sanctuary. There one can find The Crow Sea Medina, a Privateer Market known for dealing in the trading of unwanted captives, among other things. Most travel far and wide to reach the market, and it isn't uncommon to find a Huntsman taking part in the market, be that slave trading, or the other offerings of the market.

All-access to the island must be documented with a ticket.

Freehold Locations

Bannerman Castle

The Bannerman Castle Hollow is the formal gathering place of the Freehold.

Midnight Circus

The newest attraction in town. On the outskirts of the city, huge massive tents were erected, wagons and everything you can imagine surrounded the huge area that used to be an old factory that has now been demolished. Because there are no residential buildings, the circus and the surrounding area, which is used as a fair, could be visited until late at night. The big circus tent was not round as usual, no it was elongated. It was 70 meters long and had a stage that was also 65 meters wide. The guests were seated on both sides so that everyone could watch. Even the cheap seats could see everything that was going on in the manège. And there was a lot to see, from the many acrobatic artists to the stuntmen who performed daredevil tricks. From classic clowns to something completely new thanks to the innovation of German animal-free circuses, Hologram shows you could still enjoy the classic horses, for example, and no real animal was harmed.

There was plenty of entertainment to see from freak shows to fortune tellers to shadow puppet shows, flea circus, throwing and shooting booths a huge Mirror cabinet. There was nothing that was not there. There was no shortage of food either. You could get popcorn, candy floss, roasted nuts, candied apples, churros, pizza, crepe, or a simple but delicious bratwurst in a roll. Everything your heart desires at fair prices. At least for New York City.

Cabinet of Horrors

In this old 60.000 ft² warehouse your day will be hell. Everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of horror is welcome here. What could be better, especially for the autumn court, and you often see spring changelings. Of course, some winter or summer Lost find pleasure in this job - it all depends on what you're in the mood for. Not everyone is made for the circus or one of the other jobs.

There are three shows that interactively tell a story, accompanied by music, laser show, holograms, practical and special effects as well as dressed-up performers. Each show lasts two hours.

In addition, there are three themed Escape Rooms. Each is designed for 2-6 players. Currently, the shows are so well attended that attaining a ticket is not an easy feat. Good for the performers, that means they did everything right.

Serenity Funeral Home

A small wonder among the Freehold, held by Payton Verhasselt, the Funeral Home and Crematorium provides excellent service to the public for their lost loved ones. To the Lost themselves it serves plenty more. An oasis of calm away from city life, with a large garden and a reflecting pool, along with dedicated staff members to see the Lost through their times of grief.

C'est La Vie

The C'est la Vie is the Spring Hollow Restaurant, serving high-end French cuisine that non-Changelings can only access if the Spring Court or the Freehold invites them to dinner.

Victory Hall

The Victory Hall is a Tavern in the Summer Hollow within the Midnight Circus. Freshly grilled meat and vegetables get served with self-brewed honey beer and mead.

Other Locations

6½ Avenue

A well known Hedgegate in the middle of Midtown, Manhatten.

Calvert Vaux Cove

A beach in the Calvert Vaux Park in Brooklyn contains a boat graveyard used as a meeting point between nature aligned people. Especially water and nature-based Changelings. Everyone who loves nature is welcome.

Corbin Building

Winter Court Hollow, and harbourage.

Great Observatory

Autumn Court Hollow, magical place.