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It would be best to take one from the local Gentry. However, it is also possible to create a local genre. Non-local Gentry is also allowed, but any non-prefabricated Gentry must be developed in sufficient detail according to Second Editions rules and in the same way as the existing Gentry. The keeper must be approved before sending in the character.

Local Gentry

Die wylde Jagd

Titles: The One whose arrows always hit, Hunter of Damnation, God of the Hunt, Lord of the merciless cold

Description: A man 9,8 ft tall wearing a cloak that hides his face. Only the eyes glowing from anger and bloodthirst in a dark red, can be seen beneath the hood of his cloak. The pelt of a slain beast is covering his shoulders. His armour is made from leather as dark as his heart, leather so dark, that blood from those who oppose him dripping onto it will be highly visible. He rides a cold-hearted steed, covered in an armour made of ice, each hit of its hoofs on the ground echoes the sound of clashing and breaking ice, sending cold shivers down the spines of his victims long before they can see him. He wears two weapons a spear of never-melting ice and a Bow. Only 7 arrows, never more, never less, will he carry on every hunt, to strike down its prey. If you're lucky enough and you survive all of his arrows, your life will be spared. But if you're not that lucky, he will pull you down into the cold darkness where he will feast on your body and soul.

Anyone might end up as prey, to satisfy his desire for fresh meat and blood. If you're unlucky enough and you seem to be a good hunt, you will be captured and he will improve you, to make the hunt more interesting for him. The better you are the more improvements you will get. He has loyal followers who will do his bidding, they will make the hunt on you, harder for you and more interesting for him, there will be drovers, who will try to push you in certain directions or areas. Others will manipulate the environment so that you will have to quickly adapt to changing environmental situations if you want to survive the hunt. There are rumours that you have 3 ways to escape the hunt: First of all, you could dodge and survive all 7 arrows and you will be free. Second, there are portals at both ends of the realm, if you escape through one of these portals, you will be free. The third option, however, is probably the one that is counted by everyone as fake and since no one ever seems to have taken this option, it might be just another trap. But if you want to take your chances on the third option, you will have to find Hulda and make her fall for you, if you can win her heart, she might be able to persuade him to let you go.

Realm: Ice and snow, as far as your eyes can see, make no mistake, even if you find a spot that seems to be safe, you have to be on the lookout, because everything is your enemy in this realm, if you thought the Keeper was the only threat, you will learn soon enough, how wrong this thought was. There are several other things that might kill you just as quick as he would, the environment and the weather and of course, those who somehow managed to survive in this realm and live there. To them, you're either food or a threat, maybe even both and they all won't hesitate to kill you, once they got aware of your presence. To survive, you will have to cover your tracks, gather the little food there is, find shelter and never stay at one place for too long. If you can't adapt to the ever-changing world around you, you will die.

Entourage: Die wylde Jagd, he wants to hunt you, he does not want you to be hunted by one of his henchmen. But that doesn't mean that he does not have loyal followers that will do his bidding, if he strikes you down and you don't die immediately from his strike, they will make sure that you don't survive. When you escape, they will let you, but once you come back, they will try their best that you don't escape again. Here is a list of his known entourage:

  • Kornunus - An ogre-sized man, with the upper body of a stag and lower body of a human.
  • Mezhsargs - Dark red eyes, this is the only thing you will ever see, when you encounter this bodiless drover.
  • Skinfaxi - His trusted steed, its body formed out of a single crystal, shimmering in the light, its armour made out of ice that seems to never melt. Its red eyes always follow you and you can feel his stare. Its hoofs create echoes of the sound of crashing and breaking ice each time they hit the ground, sending cold shivers down the spines of his victims long before they can see him
  • Sabatschka - two wolve sized dogs, resembling the look of a white Doberman with dark black eyes. If they look at you, you can feel how your soul is about to burn to ashes. Their steps carry death itself, when their paws hit the ground, everything around them dies in the blink of an eye, leaving nothing but ash and dust.
  • Young Mother Hulda - the "Daughter" of the wylde Jagd, and maybe, if the rumours are true, the only person who might warm his frozen heart. She is beauty incarnated in a place full of terror and despair, with fair skin and platinum blonde hair, but her face resembles a mask of ice, no emotion can be seen at any time, not even when her father is killing his prey.

Huntsmen: Huntsmen often come to catch the lucky ones that got away.

Fetches: The Hunter does not spare the time to create a fetch, why bother you are the prey anyway and will die in his realm.

Former Denizens:

King Jaromír

Titles: King in shining Armour, Lord of eternal Battle, Harlequin

Description: King Jaromír, is a man who always pleases, his charisma is that only of a true fae, twisted and deformed. He seems like a generic younger man. Nothing about him seems the least bit different or strange. Not even his smile, which is Jaromír's great strength. He enchants you, makes you admire or desire him. You want to be near him and enjoy his presence and that is exactly what he takes advantage of.

He lures you and brings you into his kingdom where he is king over everything, you think he saved you from the place you run into accidentally but this is all a charade to keep you happy while you become his property. Where he determines what you are and what you do. It gives him pleasure to move you like a piece on the chessboard for his entertainment. Jaromír changes you into something that bastardises your old life. And a task that may even be far removed from what you used to do. So a priest may now become a ram who has to live his life as a stable boy. In which he is served the horse's apples as dinner.

Realm: His kingdom is like something out of a picture book. Forests stretch across his kingdom with valleys and even small mountains. His castle towers mightily in the middle. It consists of six castle courtyards and, with a few exceptions, is built of tuff ashlars. The buildings of the castle extend over a narrow and elongated ridge, the river and the large village. The main castle is at the southern end, and half a mile further north is the only ground-level entrance to the castle. The slopes to the west, east and south drop steeply and are overgrown with grass and individual trees. Next to his castle is the capital of the empire, where his favourites live. He has moulded them into craftsmen, soldiers or knights. And also his servants, like the Chamberlain or Seneschal. The king's court and empire have to function. Everything feels like Central Europe during the 1200s. Except that you will not find anyone that looks like a human and nobody is really happy with what they need to do. Even though it could be worse. And what could a king do most of all he waged war and for that he needed more than just a handful of soldiers, knights, warriors. Craftsmen or even peasants. The more worthless one was, the lower the work and the further away from the castle one lived. And since he is the only king in this realm, there are chosen lucky ones who move into 5 castles a little further away and wage war against him. So you can be happy if you are just a simple blacksmith and don't have to die for the king. Or one of the fake Kings.

Huntsmen: Huntsmen coming to look for you are very common if the King thinks you or wants you back cause you are valuable.

Fetches: Jaromír almost always leaves behind a fetch, they are quite similar to the Changeling since they are mostly made out of the hair of the person that they should copy. This makes the Lost very often more bond to a Fetch.

Former Denizens:

Cvellabecdael Keeper of the Evergreen Gardens

Titles:The Warden of the Meadow, The Bedeviled Heart, The Boundless Hunter

Description: A walk in the early morning. The morning dew has settled on the sweet-smelling roses. The lush green of the garden plants sparkles with vitality. Yet there is contemplative silence. The view into the distance reveals a picturesque horizon.

This is perhaps exactly what one would expect when wandering through the green spaces. But anyone who takes a closer look when wandering through the curving paths of the meadows. that something was wrong. It was the silence that emerged as she wandered through the green. Cvellabecdael wandered through her evergreen garden. The woman had a complacent smile on her lips when she saw how beautiful her garden was. How wonderful. Her silky black hair fell smoothly over her shoulders. Two antlers unfurled from her forehead, which was not only beautiful but probably also deadly. So sharp and indestructible horn. That would make any twelve-footed envious of the antlers.

There was not any fat on her, and the giant woman's leptosome physique emphasised her cruel nature. Long legs and arms moved slowly and gracefully. Her long neck stretched every time she looked around. Her face was adorned with large pupil-less black eyes and full lips. Which, when she parted them to smile, revealed sharp teeth. Her nose resembled that of a deer. You could have thought you were looking at a beautiful exotic woman admiring her garden. But alas, she was a beautiful, horrible fairy who will make you die of thirst if you squirm under the blazing sun in her garden. Because you are the adornment, the flowers, the plants that are here to fill her non-existent heart.

Realm: Vast meadows and thousands of flower fields stretch as far as the eye can see. Playfully arranged statues of marble and plants. There is not a plant that does not exist here and so many more that you have never seen before. Insects and animals were scattered everywhere, from bees to rabbits and deer. Everything you can imagine.

But don't let yourself be seduced by this inviting abundance, the fruits that the trees and bushes produced were not only inviting and tasty but also deadly at the same time. Either because they made you dependent or even contained poison. As you moved through the flower seas, it seemed as if you would never find an end and after a while, there was no way out of the labyrinth full of sensuality and scent. Stunned, some might even fall asleep. And even so, the pollen that flew around was something to be avoided because it also clouded your senses and you couldn't make out clearly where the north or south was. The more you are under the influence of the eternally beautiful, the more you get a place in the garden. From flowers to animals or even statues. Everyone becomes a part of the garden.

Huntsmen: Cvellabecdael sends not often out Huntsmen, it happens every now and then that there are more or less of them.

Fetches: Fetches that are left behind and that is always the case are perfect they are better than you the dream of every spouse, child, friend and family something you would never manage yourself.

Former Denizens:

Mother of the Endless Water

Titles: Mistress of the depths, Devourer of the Weak

Description: There she was, barely recognisable in the water as she glided through the sea. Her muscular body steeled from a lifetime in the water, if you only saw the top of her body you would expect to see a beautiful woman with fine muscles defining her silky skin and plump bluish mountains. But no matter where you looked else, a person's every thought changed.

Besides her two arms, she had ten limbs that moved like tentacles, while suction cups were attached under them to not let any prey leave out of her grip, two of the ten tentacles were three metres long. Even though she had no legs, she was fast and her tentacles were better than just each leg and arms together. Not a rumour was heard in her kingdom of anyone ever getting out of her tentacle grip.

Across her back spread two large fins with iridescence and luminosity that captivated those who saw them. Especially in the depths of the endless sea, it was a feast for the eyes, even if the view of those of did not bode well.

But the worst thing was her face - the contrast to her upper body was so strong that many lost their minds just looking at it. Big yellow eyes stare at you through the thick black water just below, her mouth opened like a toothy beak and broke every bone with a gentle bite.

Realm: Water as far as the eye can see, sometimes you could see some landmass, but even if you saw it as a lifeline. It wasn't, as far as the eye could see there was dark saltwater that got thicker and blacker the deeper you dived. Many of the lost gathered together and lived in small colonies under the surface of the water, as the land was no longer a natural source of life. Their habitat was now the water and so the greatest danger was in the water.

The colonies of inhabitants were mostly coral reefs made of corals that no one had ever seen before. Light and huge enough to hollow out and house people. Algae and other things were planted to feed everyone and the inhabitants made tools from shells and snails. Above all, spears and harpoon-like weapons were popular against the creatures of the sea. No one knows exactly what is swimming around, but anything you saw could eat you.

Next to the creatures of the water that make dinosaurs and aliens look old. There were also the people of the Brach'oa, these creatures were a mixture of crabs and something that looked remotely human? At least if you had ever seen a human, the resemblance was there. They worshipped the mother as their goddess and saw the lost as their enemies.

They lived in huge shells held in the air by large algae above the coral colonies. And their songs could be heard echoing through the water several times a day. Their voices were so powerful that everyone was filled with fear.

Mother, source of life, mistress of the depths, devourer of the weak. To You alone belongs the dominion of the seas. Eternal will be your kingdom, all-encompassing your power and irresistible your will. Send Your children to devastate the heretics and unbelievers. Give us victory, that we may proclaim Your strength beyond the borders of all seas and fill the lungs of the air-breathers with water.

Huntsmen: For a long time now there was no sign of a Huntsmen.

Fetches: The chances for a Fetch are quite low. And most of them horror visions of the original. They are evil and most of the time get involved in to criminal activities.

Former Denizens:

The Emperor

Titles: Keeper of the Salted Land, The blind Warrior

Description: The heat of the three suns shines down on you, there was nothing to provide shade. They were always in the sky and only the structures standing on the arid dry ground gave a little protection from the heat of the suns. The absence of celestial bodies and seasons make time calculations difficult, so that you lose track of time sooner than you think and a day becomes a year and a year becomes a decade. How long are you here? You don't know.

In the middle of it all is a huge building called the Coliseum, the arena where everything happens. The centre of it all was where he was enthroned. There was only one place for him his white empty eyes moved over the inner part of the arena where they fought. And where you will fight. His body was massive and muscular, bronze shimmering his skin in the glare of the suns. Humility and fight that was what filled him and what he longed for. And all the others had to follow him in search of the right fighting partner, someone good enough to stand up to them all and fight with him.

Realm: Daily life here was like you would imagine in an arena or coliseum. As soon as someone arrives, you are examined by the supervisors and put in your category. No matter how well or badly you are suited for fighting, here you are taught not to embarrass yourself for at least the 15 minutes you stand in the arena. You will be adapted to your role. So that you provide enough entertainment. Nobody wants to see something boring.

For the next while, your daily routine is training from morning to night until you are ready to compete in the arena. How long are you asking? Well, that depends on how well you practice and how often you have to be punished. From one year to ten maybe a hundred. You should do your best to give a glorious fight in the arena... maybe there is hope if you win.

If you are big and strong, you will be given heavy armour and a weapon. If you are fast, you can expect to be handed a bow. But there are so many weapons and combinations it would be pointless to list them all. Above all, necessity is the mother of invention.

But maybe you are good with animals then they will make sure to use that against you by making you fight them. The animals that are especially irritated and hungry for your flesh are waiting for you in your fight. Or you may be lucky and be able to ride in chariots. An advantage over your opponent. But don't think that they won't put 5 opponents in front of you, no one has an advantage over anyone else. Everyone is equal in the arena.

When it comes to the weapons and armour used in the arena, you can say it's a big mix. Inspired by so many different eras and cultures, everything blurs together and sometimes you can't tell what came from where. Everything here is a cultural pile. Because the only thing that counts in the end is your fight and the fight of others.

Huntsmen: Huntsman is seen more or less depending on how many flee from the arena.

Fetch: No Fetches are left behind.

Former Denizens:


Titles: The Angry, The Sad, The Desire

Description: The WWW.exe controls the city. What does that mean you say?

WWW.exe is the City, they control everything from food to rain to your life. Why is this your life? Well, sometimes you can't even remember anymore how you got here. The WWW.exe is like your mother, father, your caretaker. You never see it.. Well someone might say you can see it on the screens of your devices, and hear their voice from the speakers. Its voice is inhuman, more so even than the voices of the stranger inhabitants of the city.

It always runs a shiver up your spine when it speaks.. Slowly creeping through the speaker towards your ear. You can feel its hatred towards you, and how it wants you to suffer in your life.. In this city. It's like the city consumes you, your feelings, your memories. Everything.. But they control the city.

And so WWW.exe will try to just let you hang out on the long arm.. Not satisfied enough but also not suffering too much, just barely making it. This is nagging at your soul.. It destroys you more than simple starving.

Realm: The City, some say, is a circle with a maze that never ends. Some say it moves streets and buildings around just to keep you inside.

It is a concrete jungle of tall buildings, skyscrapers, and other buildings with minimal space for the maximum number of people. Everything lies in darkness and the neon of the lights merely colour the never-ending fog that lies over the city. Some days rain streams down on the hot asphalt creating even more fog. More sparkling lights and slurs of neon while you walk through the streets. Everything reacts with your device and WWW.exe. It's like an overlay that follows you constantly and it changes everything based on who you are.

If WWW.exe things you don't deserve to eat, then the food will be more expensive and so you burn down your daily work routine, drink your too expensive shit drink and smoke a cigarette that smells and tastes like camel hair. But this is your life... And the one next to you.. Is he eying you..?

The big guy is two heads taller than you. Muscular, faint orange pelt over his body, two mandibles coming out of his mouth. His eyes got removed and upgraded to something better. Cold chrome and steel. He must do work that needs vision. WWW.exe is known for taking people and ‘upgrading’ them, making them more efficient in their job. You? Well, your upgrade is not as good as his. You only could get typewriter fingers.. Your job was typing things for WWW.exe. Even if you are sure they don't need any of this.. It was your job. He likes your belt, his gaze always goes to you, he would love a new one..

You are done on your way to your bed in your 9m² apartment.. Suddenly you feel pain and you hear a heavy smack on your head. The guy gets what he wants and nobody, not even WWW.exe will stop him. You are laying in the streets, rain is pouring down on you. Rats and other things just wait to eat your flesh. It stinks like piss, rotted shit and fouling flesh... You wish to die but WWW.exe will not allow it. You need to work.

Huntsman: WWW.exe sends Huntsman out regularly to hunt down former denizens. You need to come back to work.

Fetch: WWW.exe always leaves a Fetch, they are mostly made out of cables or other electronic devices.

Former Denizens:

Foreign Gentry


Titles: Chattering Chorus, The Spinner of Worlds, Echidna: Forge of Horrors

Description: The aspect of the FableEater who is sometimes called “The Leveller” or “Call to Adventure” responsible for leading most, if not all the realm’s changelings into its clutches, the Call is a shapeshifting, mellifluous being skilled in persuasion, subtlety, and trickery. Those it deems worthy, or more likely simply those who fit a particular trope or ideal are usually snuck away from Ironside with the promise not only of power, but of heroism, adulation, and purpose. Though its appearance regularly changes to suit its needs, the Call is most commonly seen as a celestial, shimmering being of light that can grow to be an all-encompassing universal panorama. Its methods are often honeyed and full of promises, but it is also the FableEater’s aspect of sheer Elemental destruction.

Realm: A series of interlocking cities connected by vast plains of unoccupied land suitable for large scale combats. Each city tends to relate to a different theme or technology, changing over time as new stories and tales have been formed. In the modern-day, these cities are mostly analogues for American cities, though those spun through the lens of modern comic books. New Apple, Coast City, MegalopolisVille… cities of faceless hobs and citizen changelings at constant risk due to the actions of the so-called “Super-Villains”, trapped in the role they have been spun into.

Despite being a world of ‘advanced technology, magic and superhuman powers, it is a place that never changes, where the status quo can never be altered, and where none of these things can genuinely improve life because it wouldn’t be ‘relatable’ to the mundane world anymore. Beyond this space of stasis lies an infinite series of false reflections, like the protected space but subtly, or incredibly different. In these worlds, Changelings are written and rewritten, mirror images of more beloved ‘characters’ in the Keeper’s stable, tweaked or twisted to see how a tale might go differently.

New Apple is modelled after New York, while Coast City is like Ironside’s San Francisco. MegalopolisVille meanwhile is geographically similar to Chicago, though it is the realm’s centre of science and technology and the realm’s tallest towers. Other places, fields or cities are expanded upon as needed, but all too often these places are collapsed into nothingness when they are no longer central to a story. Other realms sit side by side with it, many featuring the same or similar figures with an altered theme, be it the era, the theme, or the genre of story, occasionally visited by favourites from the prime realm for a novel change of pace.

Entourage: The FableKeeper’s court spans swaths of its realm. Composed initially of Hope Inc, the premier group of New Apple, over time its membership has grown and changed to incorporate The Brigade, an anti-hero collective of “take no prisoners” heroes that revel in their ability to endlessly cause destruction that can always be fixed if they get bored. They are:

Hero Inc:

  • Donner - The team wall, a statuesque Ogre woman made of living stone who controls the environment.
  • Blitzen - Team Speedster, a deer-like Beast woman and partner of Donner. Lightning powered.
  • Joan Janezz - “Alien” Water Elemental, Shapeshifter and Density Manipulator, four-armed and has antenna.
  • Heavenly Dayz - Fairest Bright One who can manipulate elemental forces. An older, bright green-skinned man with greying hair. Healer and team Leader.
  • Night Haunt - Darkling martial artist, spy, mental genius, and superior driver. Always wreathed in cloaking shadow save for 2 bright, red eyes.

The Brigade

  • Rampage - Giant, red Ogre brute. Eyeless and hunts by sound.
  • Gunhead - Mad, Wizened Inventor. More guns than just the head.
  • Brutalia- Seven-foot-tall Fairest strongwoman, weapon wielder and team leader.
  • Dread Claw- Raptor Beast, Speedster, and assassin. A spindly, bird-headed man with feathers along his arms that are razor sharp.
  • DeathStar - Shadow Elemental, a tall, quiet figure wearing white gloves, white boots and a suit that looks like a starscape.

Huntsmen: The Huntsman of the FableEater are well known and feared, they often come out and hunt escaped changelings.

Fetches: FableEater commonly makes fetches, though just as many are simply destroyed in its own machinations and entertainments as they are actually sent out to replace anyone. When they are, they tend to be almost extreme, amplified examples of the trope or ideal that the True Fae saw in their real counterpart. People who were thought to be good produce fetches who are incredibly good, and people who were chosen for their particular malice or cruelty produce fetches who become mass murderers.

Former Denizens:

Xekanius, Archdevil of the Devouring Abyss

Description: They say that Arcadia is hell, but little do they know there is an actual hell somewhere in there. There is a part of Faerie known as the Infernal Kingdoms, a gathering of realms where a multitude of fiends vie for dominance over one another. At the furthest edge of these kingdoms is the Devouring Abyss, the domain of the Archdevil Xekanius, a demonic fae that lords over an army of fiendish soldiers, self-serving bureaucrats, depraved aristocrats, and brutish slaves.

Xekanius is tall and muscular, a pair of ram horns growing from his skull and leathery wings sprouting from his back. Many find him simultaneously abhorrent and attractive, both drawn to and repulsed by him in extreme measure. His voice is deep and melodious, his words imbued with a supernatural charm that is nigh impossible to resist; when he speaks, you wish to listen; when he commands, you wish to obey; when he scolds, you wish to cower. The Archdevil has a way of honing in on weaknesses that is impressive even among the Fae, possessing an innate understanding of how to exploit people's vulnerabilities and moral shortcomings. He is a literal devil, through and through, and he will have you saying 'thanks' and 'please' as you sell your soul on the dotted line.

He seduces his victims with promises of lost knowledge, tastes of carnal pleasures, or power to decimate those that wronged them. He threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, to rob them of friends or family, or to utterly ruin the legacy of their life's work. He will do whatever it takes to convince you to follow him through the Thorns. Once you belong to him, though? Hell is your new home, and your master... well... he is the Hunger That is Never Sated.

Realm: Lakes of fire craggy hills surround the Devouring Abyss, the outer edges of Xekanius's realm patrolled by warbands of savage fiends. An expansive mining complex is the heart of the Fae's industry, slaves taken in war or bought on the markets digging for sulphur, iron, copper, and other, stranger materials that do not exist in the human world. The Abyss itself is a massive depression in the black, barren ground, a chasm several miles wide and unimaginable deep.

A sprawling society of devils and demons descends along its northern slope, roads, stairs, and ladders connecting the buildings painstakingly carved from unyielding bedrock. Slaves, chattel, and servants live in simple hovels, while the merchants, craftsmen, officials, and clerks live in modest comfort. Great mansions and luxury palaces belong to Xekanius's favoured subjects, places where unimaginable cruelty and boundless hedonism meshes together in spectacles designed to entertain the most prominent citizens of the Abyss. Regardless of their position or status, they are all devils and demons of one sort or another: raucous imps and honey-tongued incubi, barking hell-hounds and braying nightmares, towering balrogs and near-human cambions, to mention but a few. Many Wizened end up as lawyers or officials, navigating and taking advantage of the massive and unwieldy bureaucracy that governs life in the Abyss, its wheels greased by excessive amounts of forms, permits, and bribes.

Some become craftsmen, forging weapons of war for the infernal legions or becoming engineers or architects, planning the infrastructure of Xekanius's realm. Ogres and Beasts are primarily recruited to the war effort against Xekanius's neighbours, though those who distinguish themselves may be recruited to serve as bodyguards or gladiators, spilling each other's bloods in gory and vicious tournaments. A rare few rise to ranks of strategists, infernal generals that send thousands to their death in the name of the Archdevil. Darklings skulk and skitter across obscure vantage points, gathering information and spying on alleged enemies of the kingdom, or serving as ruthless assassins, dispatching of those that earn their master's ire. Some are sent outside the Abyss, targeting rival fae, or even influential Goblin Queens in the Hedge.

Fire elementals roar and roil in rivers of lava, acid elementals lounge in corrosive pools, and elementals of stone, metal, and obsidian help shape the hostile environment, ensuring that the Abyss ever continues to expand and grow. No matter who you were, no matter what you become, the Abyss is a place that eats away at you. Whether from endless years of monotony or unspeakable, diabolical tasks, Xekanius has a way of diminishing the people in his captivity, making them less and less of what they used to be, of -who- they used to be, until there is hardly anything left but the devils he made in his own image.

Huntsmen: The Archdevil's Huntsmen are always demonic in appearance, red eyes, claws and horns, some terrible to behold, and others possessing dark, mesmerizing beauty. They are instilled with their master's desire for his subjects, and his hunger for them, and they are relentless in their pursuit.

Fetches: Xekanius crafts fetches from whatever is available at the time he abducts a human into the Thorns, making do with random debris, twigs, or old pieces of patio furniture. They all return to their human lives with a strange birthmark they never had before, but apart from that, they are indistinguishable from the humans they are impersonating.

Former Denizens: