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The New York Freehold

What better way to describe the New York City Freehold than with their own name. The Freehold of Neon And Chrome. While the, Ironside connected Freehold, like the city, has evolved much over the years, its seasonal courts remain a constant among all the changes the city and Freehold have seen. The Lost, have become accomplished at taking what is outdated and reimagining it into something new. A talent they have shown time and time again.

New York is in a constant state of metamorphosis. The only thing that remains constant is the city itself.

The city has always had a large population of Changelings, many attribute the high concentrations to the many routes between Arcadia and the City, that are in some ways easier to traverse than those found in most places.

New York and its denizens seem to fight against any notions of conformity. The epitome of 'the melting pot', traditionally welcoming immigrants from around the world, and embracing the cultures that came with them, the city has a diverse population unlike any other in the world. The court mirrors this, with many different cultures that enrich and sometimes clash. It is a city like no other, and even as the seasonal courts are a familiar foundation there are still a great many differences to be found. There are remnants from a time before the Europeans stepped foot on the lands, and other strange bits, perhaps from other cultures, have found their way here, so even those who are familiar with other seasonal freeholds will find plenty that is new and strange.

Despite the history, the mixes of different cultures, and the various surprises found here, the Freehold has 400 years of proof that it can not only work, but thrive under these conditions. At least as far as the courts and politics are concerned.

The driving reason The Freehold survives is because each courtier has a goal. The same goal. The survival of the court and the courtiers...and in turn the citizens. Without them, the freehold would be nothing. This unifying purpose insures that even humans are well positioned at court and often help, even using those psychic powers unique to humans, when needed. In addition, the Fae-touched are a valued and important part of New York and the courts would likely collapse without them. Accordingly, they have many opportunities to climb the ladder here, than arguably, anywhere else in the world. These opportunities even include positions that are exclusive to them and beyond the reach of even the Changelings themselves.

However, with a war raging, the current court has had to set politics aside, even the celebrations of seasons has become a shadow of what they once were as the focus has been moved largely to the Gentry and eliminating the dangers to New York and the Freehold itself.

As a result, contact with other Freeholds has become sporadic at best, and is almost exclusive to the Freehold of Buffalo. Despite these struggles, no one wishes to lose more to the loyalists, and everyone is aware of a single truth...

The Hunt never rests. The Gentry and Huntsmen never sleep.

The Freehold Oath

The Oath of the Freehold of Neon and Chrome, is a simple one, involving the lighting of a candle, and the recitation of the oath aloud. Each candle is given its own sconce, where it will shine continuously until either that Changeling has passed, or has betrayed their oath to the Freehold.

I will not betray the Freehold of Neon and Chrome. I will not aid, abet, or collaborate with its enemies. I will not seek grievous injury or death on fellow Freeholders. I will uphold the laws of the New York Freehold so long as I reside within its borders. Should I leave the Freehold, I will take no malevolent action towards my former fellow Freeholders for up to a season after I have left.

Benefit: Gain 9-again to all rolls involving navigating or traversing the Hedge of New York.
Penalty: Gain the Notoriety Condition towards any member of the Freehold.

The Laws of the Freehold

Freehold Laws

1. To your Motley, to your Court, but first always to the Freehold.
2. Seek not to trap other Freeholders in cruel or unfair deals.
3. Seek not to trick or force others into the Hedge.
4. Do not intentionally bring threat or harm to the Freehold.
5. The Freehold's fight is your fight; aid it as best you can.
6. The Fae-Touched shall be treated with no less respect than any other Freeholder.

It is Not Justice that Drives us to Act,
Nor by Right do we Fly our Banners.
But Because Someone Must Strive Against the Great Foe, and to do so We Strive Together.

Titles of the Freehold

The Freehold offers their Courtiers various positions inside the Freehold and the Courts.

Those positions are always chosen at the crowning and someone can hold the position till the next season, though some positions can be held for longer than a season depending on the position and the availability of others suited to hold it.

The Rulers of Neon And Chrome

The Crown passes through a ritual from one Ruler to another. (NPC Position)

Payton Verhasselt - Dancer of Passion
Jaskeerat Mamar - Sovereign of Crimson Sunlight
Charles Throkmorton - Lord of Cinder
Gwenola Esperance - Queen of Silent Snow

Champion of the Seasons

The Champion of the Seasons is chosen by the Ruler of the Court they will represent in official duels. Champions are always the best fighter in their Courts, either due to strength or wits.
• Due to the lethality of this position, the court does not make it available to Fae-Touched.
Requirements: Mantle of at least 2.
Benefits: It grants the person one more dot of Mantle than normal to a maximum of 5.
Position Holder:

Li Hua Aleanor Bulanteli Rose Cavalier - Spring
Aksel Arkwright Knight of the Perpetual Fight - Summer
Sun-Wu Renli Leaden Warlock - Autumn
None - Blade of the Dark Moon - Winter

Chosen of the Seasons

Every transition of seasons there is one chosen by the seasons themselves due to their great deeds or being an exemplary representation of their court.
• This position can also be held by Fae-Touched.
Requirements: None except by deeds.
Benefits: This can happen once per season and it grants the person one more dot of Mantle than normal, to a maximum of 5. A Fae-Touched gets 1 dot in Court Goodwill.
Position Holder:

Dr. Adelaide-Maebh Lovelace Emerald Chosen - Spring
Ciara Thorne Scarlet Chosen - Summer
Chester Harrington Ashen Chosen - Autumn
Avery Vogel Onyx Chosen - Winter

Seer of the Hidden Path

The Seer is indispensable in times like these. Insight brings many useful advantages. A Lost in this position is encouraged to consult the stars, bones or runes to warn of dangers, but is also consulted when important situations and decisions need to be made.

• This position can also be held by Fae-Touched.
Requirements: Diviner merit at least at 1.
Benefits: They get a free dot in the Diviner merit to a maximum of 5.
Position Holder: Ciara Thorne

Keeper of the Code

After the Library burnt down and many stories of the Changelings were lost, this position grew in respect. Stories are valuable, they point out weaknesses and advantages and provide important lessons.

The Keeper is responsible for making these stories available to all in the Freehold and for digitizing and preserving to prevent similar losses.

Often the Keeper is consulted when there is a need to ask about a Courtiers reputation or in order to gain Goodwill.

• This position can also be held by Fae-Touched.
Requirements: Computer 1. Speaking another language is not mandatory but is advised.
Benefits: 1 dot of resources.
Position Holder: Canary Quill

Holder of Vows

The Ashen Court had its Ashen Notaries but the Freehold also needed a solicitor and notary for general settlements.

And so, for all sealings that were not performed by the Ashen Notary, reference was made to the solicitor. He was also the one who kept a written record of all Oaths and Pledges. So that one could always look up what or who had made an oath.

Oath breakers were also recorded in a book. So that you always knew exactly who they were without having to look closely.

• This can also be taken by a Fae-Touched.
Requirements:' Politics 1.
Benefits: Acute Senses
Position Holder:Avery Vogel

Greenskeeper of the Thorned Garden

The Freehold has made part of the hedge near the Hedgegate its own. The garden is secure and the Freehold grows goblin fruit there for the courtiers.

The part of the hedge must be protected and maintained. This is an important and fulfilling task that comes with certain bonuses. You can see the beauty of the hedge everyday and also you get access to rare goblin fruits.

• This can also be taken by a Fae-Touched.
Requirements:' Survival 1.
Benefits: 1 dot of Goblin Bounty and 1 random Special Fruit a month
Position Holder:Aya Keng

Envoy of Dreams

Sometimes you break rules that aren't yours to break. Sometimes things happen that are not under your control but involve others.

The Envoy of Dreams is there to carry out the will of the Monarchs and interpret their rules, but they are also there to see that the consequences are enforced Changelings break those rules.

Be it that a Courtier has unexpectedly entered a foreign territory without permission or that someone else has broken the rules of the Court. The Envoy is the one sent to sort it out.

This position is very prestigious but also considered the most difficult one in the Court. Only those who are truly loyal to the Court are allowed to occupy this position.

• This position is not open for any Fae-Touched.
Requirements: Mantle 4, decent social skills, one type of Court Goodwill at least at 3. In addition high Occult is beneficial.
Benefits: Two dots of Court Goodwill in 1 or 2 Courts.
Position Holder:

The Thorny Herald

When you forget about the mortals around you, or even your own mortal side it is not only dangerous, it is an obstacle to being victorious in war. The Court has suffered from this before and many innocent people died.

The Herald is in place to make sure it doesn't happen again. The Fae-Touched are particularly suitable for this position because they can integrate themselves well, and are thus much more trustworthy than the Changelings.

The Herald is to be called in cases where there are problems concerning Mortals and Changeling
• This can only be taken by a Fae-Touched.
Requirements: Decent social skills are a must for this. In addition, Status in Civil Society and Court Goodwill is beneficial.
Benefits: 1 dot of Court Goodwill.
Position Holder:Orianna Bruce