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The Winter Court

The Silent Arrow, the Onyx Court, the Court of Sorrow

Following Winter is embracing what others lock away. The pain tied to loss, the absence of hope, the cold reality of truth. To the Onyx Courtiers Sorrow is embraced with sadness and a white knuckled fist. Without the falsehoods of yearning and expectation, one can embrace what is left: the facts, and wield them like a knife in the darkness.

It's easy to assume that the Winter Court is merely a place to embrace your woes, and in many cases this can be true. Other Lost either Courtless or of the alternate Seasons flock to Winter when their grief is too much, expelling their despair. It's even safe to say your secrets are left with no one better. But the Silent Arrow can be just as dangerous as Summer. Where they do not hold the fiery passion of war, they serve their Courtiers with infinite weapons in the form of resources. Secret languages, private hideouts, top secret information, symbolism hidden in plain sight. An informed Lost is an armed one. Onyx Courtiers understand this the most, jaded from their past enough to see that holding on to hope is only giving yourself a length of rope. Best to see behind the falsehoods and be ready to cut ties with everything. Survival is never easy, and the Court of Sorrow goes to great lengths to make sure every aspect of their freedom has an escape route, a back up plan, a hidden resource 'just in case'. The world of Winter may appear to be asleep, but under the snow, there is constant movement unseen by those too ignorant to look.

Status is a matter of trust. A lowly Onyx courtier must prove himself by surviving and volunteering to help the higher courtiers, but he cannot expect much help in return until he's proven his abilities and loyalty. The Winter Court protects its heroes and sages from harm as much as possible, but the ways of Winter are often hard to accept. They are not in this for the glory or reputation it might garner among other Lost. They seek only to strengthen their own web of control, to serve their court and 'then' their Freehold. Secrecy is paramount and loose lips are considered treasonous. Courtiers often have hardened resolve and composure, even if it takes years to master.


  • Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market): Every year around Christmas the Winter Court opens a Christmas market that came over with German immigrants. Where you can sell and buy almost anything without the influence of the Goblins. Secrets are a form of currency.
  • Houses and Forges: For the newly freed lost, Winter is a great resource. A safe house, a new identity, a seamless position among the Ironside society. Though nothing comes free and the gesture of Goodwill is only extended for a time unless the debt is repaid.
  • Observing the Courtless: Winter has dedicated themself to watch over the Courtless Tourists in NYC from arrival to departure.


The Winter Oath is made in the Court while standing within shadow. The Changeling gathers cold water from a fountain into their hands and whispers into it their name. If the Court accepts, the water freezes and becomes a large, intricate snowflake added to a great wall of them. Should the Winter Changeling pass, their snowflake will fall, to be added to the great pattern which adorns the floor, a mosaic of those gone by. In betrayal, the snowflake melts, and the captured name is shrieked throughout the hall.

I pledge my heart and loyalty to the Court of Winter, and will honor its patronage by devoting my life to upholding its ideals to the best of my ability.

Benefit: Once per Chapter, you may reroll a Subterfuge or Stealth roll. You keep the new result.
Consequence: Any rolls to track your character gains a +1 dice bonus during the Season of Winter. Huntsmen tracking your character instead gains a +2 dice bonus.



Most Yew are responsible for little more than passing messages and keeping the peace. Occasionally, the Yew are asked to go on journeys and explore places. Missions are requested, not ordered. This position is often given to new Courtiers for a chance to prove themselves.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season, though it is considered temporary.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle or Goodwill •
Position Holder:


The Nettle knows what the citizens of Winters will do if enemies attack the dominion, and he learns the lies everyone is supposed to tell about confidential matters - even if he does not know the whole truth himself. He learns how to contact local courtiers in person; he is probably responsible for passing on information. When orders come from above, it is the duty of a Nettle to pass them on.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle or Goodwill ••, Socialize 2+, Politics 1+, Empathy 2+, Subterfuge 2+
Position Holder:

Spotted Hemlock

A Spotted Hemlock focuses on the information of local supernatural personalities: Changelings from other courts, vampires, werewolves and other strange creatures. If there are Hollows and strange places nearby in the vicinity, this will also be recorded. Spotted Hemlock should always try to expand the court's knowledge of the entire supernatural world, filling in gaps in biographies, writing reports on anomalies and researching how the secret world affects the mundane.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle or Goodwill •••, Occult 2+, Academics 2+, Survival or Streetwise 2+
Position Holder:


A Monkshood studies mystical matters, like maps of the Hedge and dream-lore, they inherit responsibility for the local Court’s Tokens, goblin fruit preserves and other supernatural artifacts. Learning secret Trods and codes. They use strategies for using these secrets in a variety of situations, including times when treachery threatens from within.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.

Requirements: Mantle ••••, Intelligence 3+, Survival 3+, Academics 3+, Occult 3+, Oneiromancy Skills
Position Holder:

Black Belladonna

Black Belladonnas don’t identify themselves unless they deem it absolutely necessary. They pretend to be members of any rank they choose. If they need to make their wishes known they communicate through the Monkshood. They confirm their status with Immutable Signs, issue orders and analyze the results with the help of their own unfathomable knowledge.

  • This can't be taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle •••••, Manipulation 3+, Subterfuge 3+, Streetwise 2+, Occult 1+
Position Holder:

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpets are courtiers that imprison and interrogate people on the court's behalf.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle •••, Presence 3+, Brawl or Weaponry 3+, Investigation 3+, Intimidation or Persuasion 3+, Survival (Tracking)
Position Holder:

Golden Dewdrop

Golden Dewdrops destroy evidence. They burn notes, wipe hard drives, vacuum stray hairs and wreck DNA evidence. A is usually one of the best-known in the freehold because the Court allows them to hire out their services, a good Golden dewdrop is a popular, influential figure. Most of them have a background in forensics or law enforcement.

  • This position can be taken by more than one person at a time, and does not change each season.
  • This can be also taken by a Fae-Touched.

Requirements: Mantle or Goodwill •••, Intelligence 3+, Wits 3+, Academics 3+, Investigation 3+, Computers 3+
Position Holder:



The overseer is one of the people who make sure that Courtless Changelings are monitored, be it the people who have signed up for business or even the new ones who have not yet decided which court they want to belong to. This person is tasked with knowing everyone in and out of the Freehold and their general status. They work hand in hand with the Collectors. Position Holder:


These collectors are there to amass secrets and rumors from others and keep them catalogued for reference among the Silent Arrow. Real names, descriptions, locations, phone numbers, online activity and relationships. No detail is spared among the Forbidden Library. The Collectors are held to the highest standards of secrecy and the position is risky to hold due to the consequences one might suffer for even a slight mistake. Position Holder:


Someone has to provide for all the newcomers and it is these Courtiers who offer their generous resources. Often the Onyx Courtier has a large pool of assets to wield. Contacts, money, allies, locations and skills. These offerings are first and foremost for the Winter Court, but extend to the Freehold and the Courtless for a fee. Position Holder:


Corbin Building


The members of the Winter Court in New York City.

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