From Dark City

The Seasonal Courts

The Spring Court

Affiliated with the emotion of Desire and the aspect of New Growth and Rejuvenation; these Courtiers exult in living, denying the pain of the Durance. Spring's Bargain denies the ability of a Stranger or its minions to do violence unless it is born of a true desire. Lesser urges cannot negate this geas.

The Summer Court

Summer Courtiers draw on focused Wrath with an aspect of Heat and the Sun to guard a freehold against its enemies. The Summer Bargain prevents the Others and their servants from fleeing battle. Often, the freehold will target weaker groups at this time, so as to deny them any escape.

The Autumn Court

The Autumn Court utilize Fear as a sword and shield; while using the aspects of the Harvest and Decay; they particularly focus on those few things with the True Fae might fear - their own power. The Leaden Mirror's Bargain requires that, before attacking, the True Fae and their loyalists announce themselves to the freehold in advance; the more powerful the Other, the sooner it must make the announcement.

The Winter Court

The Silent Arrow keeps close its pains they draw on Sorrow and have the aspect of the cold and snow - both to turn to strike at the enemy's will and to avoid pointless temptations. Winter's Bargain requires that True Fae attackers ritualistically mourn their victims before attacking again, during which time courtiers are free to strike.

The Courtless

Besides the freshly arrived out of the Thorns who are still lost and need still to decide what Court they choose, there are no Courtless Lost in NYC.

The newly arrived chick will be given a time of 1 month and one of the Courts Observers will watch their steps until they decide to oath or go away.

Tourists, Businessmen and other people who are mere visitors get tracked by the Freehold and observed by the Winter Court. Returning visitors usually announce themselves to the monarch and this would not be necessary if there were no war and if each of them were not in danger if even a single enemy were to breakthrough. Loyalists know many nasty tricks to trick others, let alone the Gentry and Huntsman.

One exception is the Ambassador of Boston who is here to help the Freehold win the war and is oathed to the Boston Freehold.