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Spring Court

 The Antler Crown, The Emerald Court, The Court of Desire.
Anything that’s flawless is false. We are beautiful, my dears, not because we have no scars. We are beautiful because we refuse to be defined by them.

Affiliated with the emotion of Desire and the aspect of New Growth and Rejuvenation; these Courtiers exult in living, denying the pain of the Durance. Spring's Bargain denies the ability of a Stranger or its minions to do violence unless it is born of a true desire. Lesser urges cannot negate this geas.

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Summer Court

 The Iron Spear, The Crimson Court, The Court of Wrath
Fuck compromise. You know who wants you complacent and afraid? They do. They want you thinking you don’t want to fight back. No. Fuck that. You need to be angry. They earned your wrath.

Summer Courtiers draw on focused Wrath with an aspect of Heat and the Sun to guard a freehold against its enemies. The Summer Bargain prevents the Others and their servants from fleeing battle. Often, the freehold will target weaker groups at this time, so as to deny them any escape.|-

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Autumn Court

 The Leaden Mirror, The Ashen Court, The Court of Fear
Don’t be simple. Of course it’s not better to be feared than loved. But someone has to wear that particular crown.

The Autumn Court utilize Fear as a sword and shield; while using the aspects of the Harvest and Decay; they particularly focus on those few things with the True Fae might fear - their own power. The Leaden Mirror's Bargain requires that, before attacking, the True Fae and their loyalists announce themselves to the freehold in advance; the more powerful the Other, the sooner it must make the announcement.|-

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Winter Court

 The Silent Arrow, The Onyx Court, The Court of Sorrow
Cowardice? Just how shortsighted do you think we are? We’re not trying to hide forever from the Others. That’s impossible. We’re finding a safe place to wait. Until.

The Silent Arrow keeps close its pains they draw on Sorrow and have the aspect of the cold and snow - both to turn to strike at the enemy's will and to avoid pointless temptations. Winter's Bargain requires that True Fae attackers ritualistically mourn their victims before attacking again, during which time courtiers are free to strike.

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The Courtless

 The Lost Tourists, The Woefully Undecided, The Courtless Ones
Those Fresh from the Thorns are tossed into the fray of uncertainty when introduced to the Courts. For some the choice is obvious. Others may struggle for quite some time before settling among a Season. And others still will decide to remain independent entirely.

There are benefits and drawbacks for joining a Court, and fresh Lost are ripe for being seduced by each Season. While Joining the Freehold is a strong move to remove suspicion from Loyalist ties, not joining a Court is less of a social stigma, and more so considered bland. Obviously you have no idea who you are.

"Tourists" is for those who refuse to join a court, as it shows lack of ambition, commitment, and style.

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 The Avowed, The Oath Keepers, The Promise Collector
I made a promise to them and I mean to keep it. I don't care what those thorns took from them, I will make sure everything is ready for when they come back.

Humans who swore a promise to someone who has now been transformed by the Wyrd are often pulled into the Hedge. The lucky ones who find thier way into the hedge seeking out their loved opens are rescured from those thorns before they can be wisked away to Faerie as well. These people are known as the Avowed and now find themselves a part of The Freehold as well because of their connection to the Wyrd.

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