From Dark City

Joining The Sphere

  • No previous Full Splat can become a Changeling or Fae-Touched.
    • No Venue specific half splat can become a Changeling or Fae-Touched.
  • Only mortal or mortal+ can make a transition to Changeling or Fae-Touched.
    • Previous Mortal+ lose all their supernatural benefits/merits when becoming Changeling or Fae-Touched.


Changeling Hours

  • If a Wizened wants to make this contract permanent with willpower you need to open a ticket.


  • For anything beyond mundane animals not already statted, please submit a ticket to discuss with the ST.
  • Fighting Styles and Movement Styles do not work in animal form.

Helios Light

  • Blindness lasts one turn.

Talon and Wing

  • The transportation benefit adds 10 to speed; it does not let you fly, or swim to great depths.

Mastermind's Gambit

  • The plan you create with Mastermind's Gambit is an Item that grants you +5 equipment bonus only to the person who has the Item.


  • You can not take Fetches as Retainer. You can gain your Fetch as Allies and Contacts.
  • The Freehold will see a Fetch that is close to you as a potential helper.

Fae Mount

  • You may have a number of Fae Mounts equal to your Wyrd, but only 1 on screen at a time.


  • Fae-Touched don't have Mantle, but do need to swear to a Court.
  • They can gain other Court Goodwill with justification.
  • Fae-Touched can use Trifles and Tokens.
  • Fae-Touched can use the following Changeling Merits:
    • Arcadian Metabolism, Diviner, Fae-Mount, Hedge Sense.
  • Fae-Touched can use the following Mortal+ Merits:
    • Supernatural Resistance
  • You can take Fae-Touched as a Retainers with the following conditions:
    • The Fae-Touched must be same Court as Player Character
    • The Fae-Touched's Contract dots are restricted by the number invested in Merit (ex. 5 dot Retainer gets 5 dots of Contracts; 3 dot Retainer allows one Contract that costs 3xp to acquire, etc.)
    • Retainers can only to be used as downtime actions and light scene fluff
    • Retainers can only used Ironside or in a Hollow -- not in the Hedge
    • Court Mantle is equal to the Retainer Dots divided by 2, rounded down.
  • Fae Touched may carry 2 goblin fruits into Ironside


  • Banes: A bane is a physical item or material that causes the Changeling great harm. Birchwood soaked in water or glass from a church window.
  • Taboo: A taboo is a behavioral restriction or compulsion. Your character can not enter doorways first when in a group or may not accept gifts from total strangers.
  • Minor frailties are things that only happen occasionally. You can't wear shoes on Fridays. If someone plays a particular Mozart sonata, you are physically pained, and can't stand to be within earshot.
  • Major frailties have a severe impact on day to day life. You can't wear anything which would cover your feet. Music of any kind wards you away, and you are seriously damaged by its presence until you can escape earshot.

Glamour Harvesting

  • Changelings can roll once per week to harvest Glamour.
    • See CtL pg 103 for Harvesting Rules.
  • Oneiromancy harvesting and Reaping IC can only be done via scene request.
  • Changelings can harvest normally IC from PCs. The PC from whom Glamour has been harvested must update their Tracker to note that the WP is being lost due to Glamour harvesting, and indicate the name of the Changeling.
    • If players do not adhere to this request, we will remove IC harvesting, so Changeling players, please keep your scene partners accountable.

Keep track of your Glamour, WP, and Health with the PC Tracker template.

Goblin Contracts & Debt

  • Use your Tracker to track your Goblin Debt.
  • Open a Ticket when you use a Goblin Contract. This ticket will be open until the debt is gone.
  • Contracts must be purchased from a Market Scene.


  • Hedgespinning cannot create any item that violates the crafting system. This does not apply to the Hedgespun Token merit.


  • You can not take Hobgoblins as a Retainer with Dreadpowers.
    • If you wish you can take Hobgoblin or Hedgebeast Retainer without Dread Powers.
  • You can gain Hobgoblins as Allies and Contacts.


  • We do not allow extra full useable limbs in Miens.
  • Tails, Ears and Antennae can be written for fluff purposes but have no mechanical benefit.
  • If your character has wings they can not use them in any scenes without using a Contract that might give you the use of flight.

Pledges & Oath

  • You can not form a Pledge without Consent.
  • For every Oath, Pledge and Promises of Service you need to create a ticket with the person in question and make sure that it will be written down on your sheet until it is broken or solved.
  • Those Pledges and Oath need to be happen on-screen in the DNYC server.

Mantle & Court Goodwill

  • Changelings are limited to Mantle 2 at chargen, and may spend experience to acquire Mantle 3 after one month of playing.
  • Fae-Touched may start with Court Goodwill 2, and in their own Court. As with changelings and Mantle, they can raise it to Court Goodwill 3 after one month of playing.
    • Changelings are limited to Court Goodwill 1 at chargen.
    • Every additional Court Goodwill needs justification.
  • Mantle and Court Goodwill raises require justification after chargen.


  • Only characters in a Motley can use shared Motley merits.

Custom Content

  • You may have a custom Needles and Threads, but please submit it for approval before submitting your PC
  • Characters are allowed to make custom tokens, trifles, and goblin fruits. Note: the site's policy in regard to custom items means that each character may not make more than one per of their venue's unique custom contents (for example: you could apply for one custom token and one customs trifle. But not two tokens).

All content submitted is still subject to ST approval.