From Dark City

Changeling Rituals

Balance The Ledger

When a Changeling has amassed a ledger with the Wyrd, the Hedge may reach out and take its due at inopportune moments. The use of loopholes is convenient, but powers are paid with Glamour, the fuel that drives the fae magic. Bypassing this cost too often lays down a path to doom. But the Wyrd would never allow a debt to go unpaid if a fae were so willing. Once per season, a Changeling can repay the cost of their contracts to the Wyrd to preemptively stave off a violent collection.
Cost: Full Glamour Pool
Dice Pool: Wyrd + Appropriate Finesse Attribute, each roll takes 10 minutes with a goal of 3x the Changeling's Wyrd Rating.
Ritual: The Changeling makes a show of their returned payment. Perhaps it's a song played for the duration, a story told, a meal prepared, or a collection of items displayed for return.
Symbols: Something representing the contracts they've been using; a weapon for a war hardened Lost, a business card for a fae who has been chartering deals.
Success: The Changeling freely expresses their glamour back into the Wyrd. An exhaustive experience but ultimately a freeing one. Changelings may begin to harvest glamour again the following week.

  • Roll a chance die. On a success gain the Inspired Condition. On a failure, gain the Lethargic Condition. On a dramatic failure, gain the Fatigued Condition.