From Dark City

Please use the below formatting when submitting your Token for approval via the ticket system.

Note: You may enter play with ONE custom Token. All others must be acquired in-game.

Name of Token: What's it called?
Power Rating: How many dots • to •••••? (This is subject to STM oversight.)
Description: What's da fluff?
Effect: What's it do?
Action: Instant/Reflexive if any.
Duration: If any.
Mien: Fae appearance of the Token. Drawback All tokens have a drawback that everyone suffers from using it. Catch: The special action or downside of activating the Token without Glamour/Wyrd. Acquisition: (Chargen only) How did your character acquire the Fetish/Talen? How did they convince, charm, coerce, cajole, or force the spirit into the item?

Then submit to Changeling, and be patient!

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