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  • Changeling: the Lost Second Edition core rules + 72 xp
  • Changelings use this [Sheet]
  • Fae Touched use this [Sheet]

What’s Available?

We are using:

  • Changeling: the Lost Second Edition
  • Oak, Ash, and Thorn - The Changeling: The Lost Second Edition Companion
    • Crystal Contract is available to PCs.
    • No Entitlements
    • No Non-Traditional Mantles
    • No Baubles
    • No Empty Hearts
  • Dark Eras 1, Dark Eras Companion, Dark Eras 2
    • Kiths out of DE2 are available. All other DE content is subject to ST approval.
    • No DE Contracts.
  • There will not be a large focus on Oneiromancy.
  • Banned Merits in Core:
    • True Friend - Not banned, but please note the ST can not kill your True Friend as part of a plot. This doesn't mean they can't die from other circumstances. True Friend is also immune to The Monarchy and any Touchstones.


  • Players may choose to play a Changeling or a Fae-Touched.
  • Wyrd may be raised with XP to 3 at start.
  • Changelings can not take Iron as an Element.
  • PCs may buy Regalia or Seeming benefits as they wish. Court contacts are still bound to Mantle.
  • PCs may begin with Mantle no higher than 2. Fae Touched can start with Court Goodwill no higher than 2. After a month both may be raised to 3.
    • The first dot of Mantle is free. Fae-Touched also start with 1 dot of free Court Goodwill.
  • Changelings can start with 1 dot in one Court Goodwill. Fae-Touched can only take 1 type of Court Goodwill at start.
  • Changelings can not begin with more Resources than 3 at start, Fae-Touched can take this to 5.
  • Changelings and Fae-Touched should not start with Fame more than 1.
  • We encourage everyone to use the local Gentry. If you wish to use a foreign Gentry, you must create a Gentry and have it approved before creating a character.
  • PCs may start with one Token or one Trifle from the book, and may not start with any custom Tokens or Trifles. All other Tokens/Trifles need to be acquired in-game and need to be approved by ST's guidelines.
  • PCs can not start in a Motley.


  • Forbidden Concepts: Antagonist concepts such as Loyalists and Privateer. No one fresh out of the Hedge.
    • Mortal/+ Characters can transition and be fresh out of the Hedge.
    • No other half or full splats can transition into the Changeling Sphere.
  • PCs must be in one of the 4 Courts (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,) or Courtless, if they transition to NYC Freehold.
  • PCs can not be taken underaged.
  • PCs can be taken from any time of History, but they can not be illiterate to modern technology. They can have at least some misunderstanding of certain things. Nobody wants to explain to you what this dragon is...(Car).
  • Please include these questions and their answers in your background:
    • When you were born.
    • Why the character was taken and how.
    • The Gentry and your role in Acardia.
    • Information about your Fetch if you had one.
  • Information about your Touchstone.
  • What do you do for your Court?
  • What do you do for your Court or why don’t you currently belong to one?
  • Where you acquired your Token or Hedgespun items from.
  • Want ties to NPCs? Talk to staff! This is encouraged.


  • Fae-Touched can use the following Changeling Merits:
    • Arcadian Metabolism, Diviner, Fae-Mount, and Hedge Sense.
  • Fae-Touched can use the following Mortal+ Merits:
    • Supernatural Resistance.

Sheet Review

  • Players are only allowed to bank 25xp at character generation.
  • Make sure you've marked any 'Unlocked' or 'Free' points with a / .
  • Please add your title to the note of your Mantle/Status.
  • Check Willpower, Defense, Clarity, Integrity, Speed, Health, and other derived traits.
  • Review any equipment.


    • Titles (If any)
    • Mantle/Court-Goodwill Listed
    • Seeming, Kith and Court(or Courtless)
    • Motley Info (If any)
    • Description of Mask, Mien, and Mantle
    • Categories set for Seeming, Kith and Court, so the page populates in all the right place