From Dark City

Before creating your character, please open a Changeling ticket with the following questions answered:

1. Explain your Changeling concept.
2. Do you want to create a custom Gentry?
3. What ideal story arch do you want to see happen with this PC?
4. Have you checked the Cast List for the other concepts in play (within the Changeling sphere and site-wide)?
4B. What concepts are currently capped?
4C. How many other Changeling PCs do we have?
4D. How many Changeling Sphere NPCs?
5. How do Changelings regain Willpower?
6. How do Changelings get Glamour on DNYC?
7. What can you do with Portaling.
8. What is a taboo and what is a bane?
9. What is Bedlam?
10. Give one consequence for not fulfilling a pledge.
11. What place is dangerous ground for Changelings?
12. What Element is not available for Changelings?
13. Who is our current Monarch?

All applications are subject to ST approval. The goal here is to add players to the venue who are versed with the book and have a story to bring, rather than testing the venue out and creating reactionary characters.