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“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ― Sun Tzu

New York is the gateway to the American dream of freedom. Not just those who have fled the fairy realm, but everyone who has set foot on New York soil from somewhere else. Unfortunately, it is only a dream. Freedom is something you have to fight for in New York. The "City that Never Sleeps" is as dangerous as it is inviting.

Anyone who knows anything about fairy tales is aware that inviting is typically dangerous. Everyone wants to take a bite of the apple and most will never notice it is laced in poison. Nothing is as it seems, two sides of every face, every coin, every deal. Even if you can't dance at two parties, you'll still have to. Once Ironside and once in the Thorns. Both tear at you and both you must master for your freedom.

There is a war on several fronts: the Freehold of Neon and Chrome has to defend itself. Loyalists and Privateers are flooding the city. Not only that, but the Hedge is behaving strangely....a big Urban Hedge that shifted through the years is about to shift again.

A call for help, will you answer it? Will you live the dream and create a happy ending to this fairy tale?


“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?” ― John Lennon

Playing a Changeling or Fae-Touched among this venue will be facing the following themes:

  • Metal + Earth
  • Paranoia + Suspicion
  • Fear + Hope
  • Trauma + Yearning
  • Change + Price


  • Grimms' Fairy Tales
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Coraline
  • Night Watch/Day Watch (Nochnoi Dozor)
  • Studio Ghibli



Players may not begin in a Motley. All Motleys must be created in game.

Motley Recruiting

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Rules and System

We are playing Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition. Please closely review our Changeling Sphere House Rules.

Joining the Sphere

NOTE: Changeling is currently accepting applications.


You can find the full Approval Guidelines here.
For a Step by Step Guide to Getting Started Click Here

  • If you would like to become a Changeling in game, submit a ticket before submitting a character sheet.

Capped Concepts

See The Full List Of Capped Concepts Here

Playing Changeling

  • The focus is on emotions and the Changeling's reaction towards the world. Their split of being Ironside and Hedgeside. Trying to find a place on their own.
  • Changeling rewards proactive protagonists; Court Reputation and Goodwill is not given freely, the same goes for Court and Freehold titles.
  • If you hold a position you should be expected to know what's going on in the Freehold, and to go digging after loose ends, strange rumours, weird occurrences and other cleverly disguised plot hooks.
  • You are also expected to work your position. A Rite Master performs rites for the Freehold.
  • Changeling has marked dangerous places. If you go there without a reason, you may be attacked.
  • The Freehold is at war. Dangerous themes and situations will happen often. If you don't feel comfortable with playing a Changeling in this setting don't hesitate to ask for clarification or choose one of our other spheres.

How To Get the Most out of Gameplay

  • Discuss NPC ties with your ST, and request NPC scenes when they are relevant. For instance, requesting to meet with an NPC to ask them to Mentor you, or teach you a Seeming advantage that they know, or convince them to switch sides on a critical issue are all great reasons for an NPC scene. If you'd like to establish that you know an NPC, that might be better handled as a hand-wave or downtime action.
  • Let your ST know what your objective is when you put in a request. They probably know something you don't about how to connect you from Point A to Point B, so give them all the information so they can make it easier for you.
  • Let your ST know what you've been up to. While we don't require justifications, it's a great idea to include a brief reason for why your PC is adding another dot in Athletics, for example, or from where they learned a new power. It helps the ST know what you've been up to. While we'd love to read all the scene logs, there's simply not enough time! So help keep us informed.
  • RSVP for plots and plot scenes by adding yourself to the Count Me In section. This signifies that you and your PC are taking an active interest and role in the plot, and will make it easier for others to find you, and helps the ST manage scene time by knowing approximately how many people to expect.
  • Proactively follow-up on plots and clues in ticket requests. Once they're out there, they're yours to make a move with. Don't expect plot answers or resolutions to come to you and land in your lap.
  • Let your ST know what you enjoy. If you're in the game for all combat all the time, or perhaps you're more story-driven, if you let the ST know your preferences (so long as the games stay within a reasonable volume), they can accommodate your requests when possible.
  • Give Details. Share logs with STs or personal moments you want noted (any why you want them noted), so STs might include those details in your personal plots.
  • Find Your Purpose. These are things that should be considered during character creation but can always be added to afterwards. Why are you in New York? Do you struggle Ironside or Hedge side and need help accustoming yourself? Do you seek a Motley? Do you want to change Courts?

Assistant ST


Changeling Plots

Meta Plot

Without Fear or Nobility - Fear, not only something the Autumn Court has to deal with, but also everyone else, be it fear for oneself or fear for others. The fear of being different. Or the fear of not belonging. Only when this fear is put aside do the Changelings of New York City have any chance of caring for the Gentry. But a few things upset this plan. Rumour has it that Crow is planning to ally the Privateers, who normally tend to be packed into different packs. And that is not only troublesome but also dangerous.

But many other things... are happening that are causing fear. What else might the courtiers discover?

Current & Upcoming Plots

Past Plots