Central Park

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Central Park
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Central Park is an urban park nestled in between the Upper East and Upper West side, over 840 acres of protected parkland right at the heart of bustling Manhattan. It is the most-filmed location in the world. Main attractions include landscapes such as the Ramble and Lake, Hallett Nature Sanctuary, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, and Sheep Meadow; amusement attractions such as Wollman Rink, Central Park Carousel, and the Central Park Zoo; formal spaces such as the Central Park Mall and Bethesda Terrace; and the Delacorte Theater. The biologically diverse ecosystem has several hundred species of flora and fauna. Recreational activities include carriage-horse and bicycle tours, bicycling, sports facilities, and concerts and events such as Shakespeare in the Park.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Art in the Park
Dead Phones and Dead People
Running Around
Another Chance Encounter in the Park
Ni Daha
Superman and Lois Lane
Can You Hear Me Now? Good.
Bringing Down The House
Chat at Umpire Rock
Grant talks with Abigail at Central Park Loch
Chatting and Sports in the Park
More Complicated Than That
Following the Muse
Henri in the Park
Eris meets Noelle with Jackson
Dancing in the Park
Forked Tongue: Fake or Real?!
Noelle and the Oddballs
Learning to Smile
Stepping on Ants
Noelle Meets More Oddballs!
Vampires and Changelings in Central Park
See Saw Margery Daw
The Tears of a Vampire Run Red
Small Town Boys
Castle in the Park
Many people meet!
PRP: Milk Carton Mayhem
Deni explores Orianna's other shop
Trick or Treat in the Park
Moments That Matter
Want to Taco About It
Strangers in the Park
Law Advice
Renaissance Man
Owl's in the Park
Cat Skulls and Motorcycles
Too Damn Cold
First Meetings
Penny For Your Thoughts?
Dash of Fae
Hypotheticals and a Heart-To-Heart
Panic Attacks For Fun And Friendship
Advancing the Pawns
Parks and Portraits
A Congenial Incongruence
Behind the Masks
Park Life
Pure Therapy
A Break in Friendship
A Conversation
Hard to Believe
Things that Go Bump in the Night
Living for the Weekend
Rhetoric and Dead Dogs
Sealing a Promise
Exchanging Questions in Central Park
Look, Squirrel!
Who Makes A Beast Of Herself
Sound of Silence
Investigating a Wound
Aghinage's Secret Garden
Midnight Bro Talks
Maddie meets a Midnight Puppy ?
Morning Dew
Officer in Service
Don't Bite The Maeltinets
Bird Feeder
A Raid In Central Park
Central Perk
Meeting the Parliament
Kit and Di Catch Up
Parkour Through the Park
Hilja and Moira's first meeting
You Cant Protect Everyone
Under the Pink Moon at Siren Bowl
World's Be(a)st Dad
Olive Branch
Run in over Coffee
Cello in the Night
Hangover's and Art
You Look Like Shit, Pup
I've Been Out of Town
You're Real
Mass Hysteria
Fresh Bandages
A Fine Day
Regrets and Apprehension
They Are
Park Friendos
Birds of a Feather
Rodger Dodger
I Shall Bring You Some Goo
The Crooked Smile - Prelude - Diana
Every Three Minutes
The Big Gay Out
5th Avenue Market
Crossed Paths in Central Park
Back to Business
Settling Old Debts
Lena Performs for Central Park
Prayers To The Moon: A Walk In The Park (PRP)
Something's Brewing
Meeting with the Don