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Auspice-irraka.png Yeah, I'm a cunt what of it. Cause we both know I'm the best at what I do. Tribe-ironmasters.png

  • Fresh from a land down under a transplant into the tech industry of New York, a Savant on the keyboard. Her naturally black and grey eyes frequently have either dye or contacts, and it's clear to see she has numerous and extensive tattoos covering her body. Those familiar with Tattoos and the type of clothes she dresses in show money is not a concern, and she wears that fact on her sleeves and skin. Personality wise you would say she is a bit of a hardass when it comes to her goals or mission, A driven individual, and A bit of a taskmaster but you would also have to acknowledge she's competent, confident, independent, reliable, and can take the heat. In recent months she seems to mellow out a bit but old habits die hard. Though she is also a big softy when her walls comes down.

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RP Hooks
  • Tech Expert

If the problem is atached to electricity, it's in the bag, need a new computer or maybe some custom gear Cassandras got you covered. Maybe you need help doing some rather legally dubious things well she's there for that too just make sure you got the cash to cover the fee.

  • Alcoholic

Alcohol doesn't seem to have the same buzz as it used to but she still can be seen drinking big and popping bottles in the clubs and Bars across New York. Just don't ask her to dance that's where it gets rather embarrassing

  • Invested in the Future

From Rags to riches, those that operate in the education for the disadvantaged and underserved might see a new face as they generously fund new libraries and lunch programs for those in need.

  • Being Social (Uratha)

For the People of New York, you're told there's a shut-in Iron Master that's a Maestro on the keys but she is also an absolute shut-in. Did your packmate get a bit too wolfy down Mainstreet did that spirit that got thrown through a wall hit the powerlines? Relax Cassandra's here to make it all seem rather mundane.

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Cassandra Wyles
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AGE: 21
CONCEPT: Bitchy Tech Wiz
TRIBE: Iron Master
  • Cunning 3
  • Purity 2
  • Honor 2
  • Glory 2
  • Wisdom 2
  • Resources 5 ( In the form of sick drip)
  • Primal Urge 3
  • Untouchable

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Played By: User:Sanguine