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Auspice-irraka.png Yeah, I'm a cunt what of it. Cause we both know I'm the best at what I do. Tribe-ironmasters.png

  • Fresh from a land down under a transplant into the tech industry of New York, a Savant on the keyboard. Her naturally black and grey eyes frequently have either dye or contacts, and it's clear to see she has numerous and extensive tattoos covering her body. Those familiar with Tattoos and the type of clothes she dresses in show money is not a concern, and she wears that fact on her sleeves and skin. Personality wise you would say she is abrasive, mean, bitchy, cunty, and sarcastic to all hell, but you would also have to acknowledge she's competent, confident, independent, reliable, and can take the heat. In recent months shes seem to mellowed out a bit but old habits they die hard.

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RP Hooks
  • Both Sides

Cassandra is an expert in corporate espionage and evidence removal or resurfacing; she may have sunk your chance at catching that crime boss or left a file detailing all the company's abuses fast-tracking an open and shut verdict for a class action.

  • You Got Insurance?

Our prototype has caused you some inconvenience; sorry about that.

  • In Major Need Of A Hobby

Being rich and completing her career goals she feels empty finishing the rat race so young has left her with a lot of spare time and not a lot of friends.

  • Being Social (Uratha)

Standard Uratha greeting a face to a name.

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Cassandra Wyles
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AGE: 21
CONCEPT: Bitchy Tech Wiz
TRIBE: Iron Master
  • Cunning 3
  • Purity 2
  • Honor 2
  • Glory 2
  • Wisdom 2
  • Resources 5 ( In the form of sick drip)
  • Primal Urge 3
  • Untouchable

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Played By: User:Sanguine