Carl Nelson

From Dark City

Carl Nelson
Carl Nelson.jpg
BirthdateSeptember 5, 1968
HairGreying Brown
OccupationRetired Teacher/Owner Of the Jericho Historical Society
ConceptHow's That Now?
Played ByJohn C. McGinley
Player NameJJ
SphereMortal+ (Special)
StatusActive NPC


An aging quiet man, with a lot of knowledge behind tired kind eyes. Short cut hair curls back on itself against his forehead. Narrow glasses sit on the edge of his nose. He leans towards worn down jeans and simple long sleeve shirts. Often carrying a short thermos of coffee even though it never appears to be freshly made.


John is the quiet and hard to anger counterpart of the late Jenny Nelson. Once a school teacher, focusing on high school science, math, and history, he retired on his 50th birthday and has been looking for peace ever since. The calm in the storm for the Nelson family, he supported all of his wives endeavors but preferred to be at home, tending to his garden, reading in his den, or enjoying a beer at the Schooner. Since Jenny's death, he's closed the Jericho Historical Society while he goes through things and decides if it will stay open.

RP Hooks

TEACHER - Perhaps Mr. Nelson was once your High School teacher in the many areas he taught. No matter your results, if you tried hard in class, he saw it you at least got a passing grade.

FONT OF KNOWLEDGE - When all else fails, somehow Mr. Nelson knows how it works, when it happened, and what to do about it. He's never turned anyone away for advice.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Dredging up the past 2023-07-17 Jericho Historical Society Clem Barton, Carl Nelson, Henley Henley and Clem pay a visit to Carl at the Historical Society. While Henley battles his inner demons, they manage to turn up significant leads.