Capped Concepts

From Dark City

Please take a look at the concepts in play on The Cast list, and also see the capped concepts below.

Game Wide


  • Private Detectives/Investigators
  • Investigative Journalists
  • Savior of the Homeless/Strong Homeless Ties
  • Born in a cult.
  • PC-owned businesses in Manhattan (exception: Invictus).
  • Strippers, Dancers
  • Forensic Scientists/Morticians
  • Environmentalists



  • Mortals with pre-existing knowledge of the supernatural (outside their microtemplate/Supernatural merits).



  • Autumn Court
  • Darkling/Autumn/Occultist Combos
  • Fairest
  • Diviner Merit

We'd Love More Of

  • Wizened
  • Ogre
  • Fae-Touched
  • Non-Combat Driven PCs. Choose something else to be good at.


Werewolf is not accepting applications at this time


  • Ex-Pure, coming from a Pure family, Pure relatives, Pure background.
  • Homeless
  • Murderhobos
  • "Professional werewolves" that don't do anything except werewolf. You need to have a job, you need to have a role in human society.
  • Lone wolves.
  • Cubs who don't know anything about Uratha society.
  • Werewolves with territory in Brooklyn.
  • MMA/Professional Fighters
  • Blood Talons
  • Storm Lords
  • Ithaeur
  • Elodoth
  • Embodiment of the Firstborn merit
  • Piercing Eyes Tell


Vampire is not accepting applications at this time


  • Expression Experts
  • Computer Experts
  • Combat focused characters
  • Scourges
  • Knights
  • Nightclub Owners
  • Covenant Traitors
  • Hermits or loners