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Typically jovial, smiling and friendly to those around him. Always willing to help out and lend a hand if asked. Beneath that exterior is a current of potential violence that can be unleashed at a moment's notice if the need arises. Under the smiles and laughter, this is a man who has taken lives, and will again if pressed.

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RP Hooks
Retired Hitman (Criminal): "I heard from a friend of my cousin's sister in law that this guy used to be a cleaner for the mob. Must be one bad dude if he walked away."

Custom Woodwork (Business): "I can't recommend this guy in Brooklyn enough. He makes the best tables, sturdy and beautiful. All while keeping his prices competitive."

Helping Hand (General): "I heard that this guy will help you out is you're in serious trouble. I saw him pay off some dude's mortgage because the guy got hurt and couldn't keep a roof over his kids' heads. I also heard he beat the crap out of a drunk who was messing with a lady outside his shop once."

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Cameron Butler

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AGE: 40
CONCEPT: Retired Hitman / Carpenter
Merits: Status 2 (Business), Status 2 (Crime)

BURDEN: The Kindly
ARCHETYPE: The Necropolitans

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Rank: 3

Description: The Bear stands broad shouldered at 6'5 and almost 400lbs of muscle and weight. His barrel chest ends on a portly waist and stocky thighs. His outfit seems to be a mixture of once fine garments from the 1800s, now rags that barely hold together. A cane bends under his weight with each labored step, and a tophat stays in his free hand. His presence has a gravitational pull for attention, an authority figure with the power to ruin lives, with roots that run deep among his connections.

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Played By: Nbdyhome