Calvert Vaux Cove

From Dark City

Calvert Vaux Cove
Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
Room Type Other

A beach in the Calvert Vaux Park in Brooklyn it contains a boat graveyard with over two dozen ships, many dating from the park's expansion in the 1960s.

The bay is on the edge of Calvert Vaux Park and a car junkyard. A small path leads the curious adventurer down a slope, through tall brush that reveals the hidden beach. You’d assume fine grain sand would cover the landscape and bleed into the water, but this is not the case. Quite the opposite, this site features large, slippery rocks, red bricks, big chunks of asphalt from unknown streets, and trash, as if it were Brooklyn’s personal disposal bin.

Often used as a meeting point between nature aligned people. Especially water and nature-based Changelings. Everyone who loves nature is welcome.