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Appearance: Calliope is a very slight critter of a sin-eater, petite and able to get into places she doesn't belong easily. Her hair is longish and a faded pale blue in color, matching her cornflower blue eyes. She tends to dress in grunge and alternative style clothing, but really its whatever is affordable and thrifty.

Personality: Calliope is a very guilty and giving soul. She wants to make the world the better place, but barely has the energy to pull herself free from the heavy weights of the world, depending on the day. She's clever and cunning, and isn't afraid to manipulate others to get what she needs, especially if it helps someone who is actually in need. Other than that, she tries to be lowkey and not create a fuss.

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RP Hooks
Graffiti Artist: Calliope is found all over the city working on art for businesses, for the soul of the city...for herself.

Those in Need: Calliope is directly tied to low-income and foster-family situations, often going out of her way to help young adults who are in need of guidance, supplies, funds, or other not-so-tangible needs.

Knowledge is Power: Calliope is often found researching, studying, looking for new information, and is more than willing to trade, barter, or share her bounty in exchange for what YOU may know.

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Calliope Wright

Played by: Found Here

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The Sin-Eater

A wanderer of the streets of New York, Calliope brings beauty to the urban canvases laid bare before her.

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 28

Height: 4'11

Birthdate: September 21, 1993

Liminal Aura Rating: 30 (Anchor)

Playlist: Calliope Wright (Spotify)

The Geist

A wise old owl lived in an oak / The more he saw the less he spoke / The less he spoke the more he heard /Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

Name: The Mourning Shroud

Description: A creature made of several pale tattered veils, shrouds, and torn shreds of fabric draped together, the Mourning Shroud has humanoid arms that grip simple occultist tools in its clawed grip. A mask of bone sits across its void of a face, with the bone fangs woven into and through one another; its eyes are deep red pits in its face, burning with intensity and desire for freedom and knowledge.

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Played By: Crossroads