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There's something about Caitriona that feels wild, feral, strange - her weirding dark eyes are distinctly predatory, but you never seem to be the prey. Instead, she seems to be looking past you, beyond you, to somewhere only she can see. Standing at 5ft6in. with a mullet of dark, curly brown hair, the woman walks with the gait of a hunter, too - as if she's constantly stalking her chosen prey. When she speaks, she muses in a Belfast accent, as she rambles about the academic and the occult, the psychological and the parapsychological. This is a woman who chases ghosts and hunts demons, and she's begging you to sic her on your own.

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RP Hooks
Master of Rites: Caitriona's reputation as a Ritemaster precedes her - she's particularly skilled in rites that corral her Tribe's Sacred Prey. For the right Pack - or even better, for the right cause - she's more than willing to loan these skills out. She is also a keen teacher, looking for Uratha and even Urugarum with the interest and aptitude to work as research assistants and learn as students.

Healer of Wounds: The Ithaeur has been drawn here in search of fresh prey - and in the wake of Perihelion, the city is full of it. She wants to work to heal the city, and hunt the demons that haunt it. If there is a spirit that needs to be excised - quarry in need of its natural hunter - then you can count Caitriona as a member of any party willing to hunt it down. She's almost obsessive in her devotion to the cause as someone who has been in the city for just a few months - it's clearly more than just a Hunt, for her.

Howling at God: Though she attends less and less these days, Caitriona still calls herself a Catholic. Sunday Mass is probably the one thing that keeps her cleaving to humanity. In moments of doubt, or when her cause wears at her mind, she can be found at any church in Manhattan.

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Caitriona Rowan

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AGE: 34
CONCEPT: Psychiatrist
  • Status: Medical Dot-filled.png
AUSPICE: Ithaeur
TRIBE: Bone Shadow
SPIRIT RANK: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
LODGE: Lodge of the Screaming Moon
  • Cunning Dot-filled.png
  • Purity Dot-filled.png
  • Wisdom Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

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