From Dark City

Cyberstalker: Cadia is an expert with computers and technology, which she combines with her natural connection to the Spirit realm as a werewolf to manipulate the tech heavy city she finds herself in, both for profit, and the good of the People in NYC. She easily passes through the city with little to no trace of her ever having been there. But the Business of gathering, stealing, and selling information is cutthroat at best. How long before her work draws attention from the shadows?

True Love: Anna Marie was Cadia's Highschool sweetheart. They hid their love from Cadia's Conservative father, a vey dangerous man in his own right, or rather, a man with very dangerous connections. He was a judge who held ties to organized crime and corrupt police elements. When he discovered their relationship, he raged and tried to hurt Anna and Cadia, which led to events of Cadia's first change. Anna escaped with her life, Cadia's father did not. She didnt see the wolf that Cadia become, but she knew that her father disappeared after that night, and she never judged Cadia for it. Cadia had to move on however, she knew with this wolf blood inside of her it was only a matter of time before Anna got hurt. They both tried to move on and live their lives, but kept falling back into each other's arms from time to time, even after Anna Married a human man. But Anna Never stopped asking questions, wondering where Cadia's been, what she's been up to. Cadia Knows its a bad idea and a greater risk every time they meet. But she can't help it, She's in Love.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Cadia Volunteers with preservation societies, people who try and keep historical buildings and communities from getting destroyed by the progress of gentrification. She goes to protests with them, helps them with legal action, and she stays in the background, listening. An attorney has been giving their efforts flack by overloading the process with paperwork? Interesting. A councilwoman Is selling out to Amazon for that big land deal? How unfortunate. Then all of a sudden these people get whats coming to them: Blackmail surfaces about that politician, they committed suicide suddenly and tragically, or they just disappeared, so strange. Hey, kinda funny how that Cadia Gal's always so quiet, whats she get up to in all her spare time anyway?