Bronx Botanical Gardens

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Bronx Botanical Gardens
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The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx operates one of the world's largest research and conservation programs and a public park that over one million people visit annually. Founded in 1877, it contains over 50 varities of gardens and plant collections, including a serene, cascading waterfall, wetlands, is is also home to one of the rare (and smelly) corpse flowers. The Thain Forest is a 50-acre plot of trees within the New York Botanical Garden, it is the largest surviving remnant of the city’s original woodland. The old-growth forest provides a rare opportunity to walk among trees that pre-date the American Revolution by centuries. The patch of trees has never been logged and has remained largely untouched. Visitors can traverse paths that follow the original hunting trails of the Lenape Native Americans and pass by marks carved by glaciers thousands of years ago.


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